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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Birth: "But I have no choice..."

How many women do I meet that tell me they have, "No Choice!" They think they have to be induced, or they need a cesarean. If you are 38 weeks and its the first time you are considering your birth plan, you probably gave up your choice long ago. If you are not pregnant yet or you just found out your pregnant, you need to read up about birth. You need to educate yourself on providers in your community and beyond. Don't pick a provider because you went there last time or because they are listed at the top of your insurance provider list and are the closest. If you have been to this provider before, ask yourself if you were really happy with the care?

It is well worth it to research the statistics for a given provider: how many births are the cesarean, how many are induced, how many hospital transfers, how many babies get admitted to the NICU. Consider the hospital, also. Your provider may be great, but the hospitals may have stringent protocols. Can your provider give morally and ethical high quality of care or are they subject to the political agenda of the hospital.

On the Treasure Coast right now we are lucky to have several hospitals and several independent midwifery practices. Don't limit your birth options to the name at the top of your insurance list in your geographic area.

If you are near term and come to terms with the fact that the birth your provider has planned for you is not what you want, there may be hope. There are women that transfer to other providers late in pregnancy. The earlier you begin your research and become active in your birth plans the better.


Courtney said...

AMEN! My last birth was at home and I LOVED every minute of it. My midwife Tammy ROCKED. I love her like a sister.

My other births were unmedicated hospital births.. also good experieneces, but NOTHING will ever be as wonderful as being in the comfort and safety of my hom.

Catalina said...

Yeah ... I wish I would have known my options before. I didn't know of all the great recources available here until after I had the baby. But now, I know better and am going to strive for that comfortable home birth (or birth center) ... and a midwife I actually feel comfortable with!! What a poor previous experience ... I guess it helps to look forward to the next ... epecially after reading what the previous commenter said! :D

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