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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Introducing a new blog...

I've been thinking about creating a place where I can continue to share developments about my book, blog on life experiences related to the book, collect anecdotes about my mothering experience, etc... and get feedback from readers like you. And maybe get side tracked onto other topics on occasion.

I went to see Wife of a Rockstar today, a popular blogspot and that convinced me to start this blog... well actually I know the author of this blog in real life and talked to her today and I am intrigued by the things she writes about and I know her "unsocialized" kids that she brags about. They are all so polite and inspiring. How can you be unsocialized when there is nine kids in your family? Because you are homeschooled! Well that's what a lot of people think. I homeschool, too, so that makes my boys unsocialized. The reason I wanted to publish my own book is reach more moms in order to dispel myths like this.

If I have a published book, why do I need a blog? After having the pressure of publication deadlines and the tedious job of proofreading, I welcome the opportunity to be spontaneous.

If you come to this blog and find not much here besides the first two posts, please come back soon.

Just one more very important thing... Please don't ask me personal medical problems (including personal breastfeeding) on this blog. If you do, I will offer an office consult, so if you know that's what you really need, call the office. Thanks for understanding.


Courtney said...

Thanks for the little plug there. I LOVE your new blog. Keep up the great work. The world NEEDS people like you who will change views and allow woman freedom!!!

Catalina said...

Well ... I personally know that people that think that kids that are homeschooled are unsocialized have NO idea what they're talking about. My husband and his sister were homeschooled. He is the most talkative/sociable/personable man I've ever met (talks more than me most of the time) and his sister joined the Army and is one of the only few of her station that has the least problems, is one of the most realiable, sargeants like the most, etc. And they both have quite high IQ's .... Anywho .. thanks for having a blog where like minded people can keep encouraging eachother :D We really need it in this backwards thinking society ;)

Christine said...

I came across your blog through Courtney's. I think I am going to enjoy your blog very much.

Permission to Mother said...

Thanks Courtney, Christine, and Catlina for your contributions.

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