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Friday, October 26, 2007

Why you need a bassinet!

I usually counsel my families with new babies to sleep with the baby. I let them know that I am probably the only baby doctor in the area that will insist on co-sleeping. I warn them that many people will tell them, "Don't sleep with the baby!"

Some families are glad to hear my re-assurance. Other parents will express the concern of rolling over the baby as the reason why they put the baby in the bassinet. Usually, I then go make a suggestion to roll a blanket or towel like a log and put it one on each side of baby giving baby some space.

Recently, one "comedian" Dad came up with a unique solution to avoid rolling over his newborn, "I'll go sleep in the bassinet!"

I love this arrangement. Dad can go sleep by himself and discover how lonely it is in the bassinet away from his partner and new baby.


Catalina said...

HAHAHA!!! That's great! I think that's what I'll tell people that are telling me that my 9 month old shouldn't be in the bed my husband and I share. There's NOTHING greater than that warm fuzzy feeling of waking up to a giggly baby playing with you or your husbands face :D I also can't imagine sleeping without her or her being in another room. I wouldn't be able to sleep soundly at night :[

Courtney said...

Too funny. I love it!

Courtney said...

I wanted to add that I LOVE that MY doctor is telling people it is okay to do these things. For the past 12 years I feel I have been fighting hospitals, doctors, nurses, family, and friends about the things I believe in. It is SO refreshing to finally have someone who is on the same page!

A friend of mine went to Guatamala on a missions trip. She came home and said it was so sad to see the poverty. But, she also noticed that the children were ALWAYS happy, even without food and living in deplorable conditions. I asked her why she thought that was. Her answer was she noticed that the children and babies were always with their Mama. They slept with them, carried them on their backs, nursed them often and always had them close. My friend said she was amazed that the children never cried and they were always content. This story has stuck me with a long time ! I think we should all take a lesson from other cultures. America is trying too hard to be civilized!

Catalina said...

Hey! I found a comment on the Dr. Sears website ... it's EXACTLY our situation.

"The night I came home from the hospital I just couldn't put my tiny, helpless baby in her new crib to sleep. Instead, we took her into the security and warmth of our bed. Many people comment on how happy and content our baby seems to be all the time. I really believe this is due to nursing her when she needs it and having her sleep in our bed. I was ambivalent about sleeping with my baby until my pediatrician said, 'Do what you feel is right.' This helped me enjoy sleeping with my baby." ....

People really do comment about how content our daughter seems all the time also! Just like the kids in Guatemala ... like the above commenter!

Anonymous said...

Both my children slept with us and thye are very well adjusted. They are now 18 and 14 and no longer feel the need to "sleep" with us. My daughter slept with us when she had nightmares and weaned herself off by sleeping on the floor next to us until she felt confident enough to sleep by herself through a nightmare. I loved the expierence and suggest it to everyone. They will not want to sleep with you when they are me on this.

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