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Monday, November 5, 2007

How books get to bookstores...

I am self-publishing with a print-on-demand publisher.

Book distribution is set in the price. I will set the price and royalty when I get the final page count. Book store distribution means a higher price so that they get royalties or I take less out of a set price. I'd like to keep the price down.

Book store distribution also means I pay "insurance" annually to my printer so that the book stores may return unsold books to the printer. (I pay and there is still no guarantee bookstores will want it.)

Distribution through and (and others) is a part of the contract with outskirtspress. That's definite.

Through this process I have learned that more specialty books are sold online. Bookstores are for coffee, socializing, and NY Times Best Sellers. And since I set the price/royalty distibution now, it's really a just a gamble. (It also gives me some insight why there are some really good birth/bf and other specialty books out there, we never find in book stores and we continue to see some crappy books in the book store despite reader protests.)

I am going to make a decision soon, so if anyone has anything else I should consider this is definitely the time. I probably won't opt for book store distribution... and at least now you can understand the "politics" behind it. If you don't see my book in the bookstore, you will know why.

There are many on-line marketing opportunities: my groups and forums, websites, e-mail lists. I will send for LLL approval and others. I will send it for book reviews to appropriate magazines or specialty book stores...

A traditional published book may have other ways of getting into book stores. Other printers may do it differently, but this is how it works for me.

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1 comment:

Christine said...

I have often thought of writing a book. I often wonder how things are done. I have given birth both in the hospital and in our home, I've bottlefed and nursed and I've adopted older children and now we will be adopting a young child. Mixed in all of this is one heck of a story I would love to tell. Are there any websites that you can point me too?

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