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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Self-publishing, getting started...

In response to my previous post, I have received this question from another blogger:

I have often thought of writing a book. I often wonder how things are done. I have given birth both in the hospital and in our home, I've bottlefed and nursed and I've adopted older children and now we will be adopting a young child. Mixed in all of this is one heck of a story I would love to tell. Are there any websites that you can point me too?

I started by merging all my articles, letters, and previous posts, into one document. A blog is actually a great place to accumulate your writings (and photos and illustrations). It's a great place to learn what your readers are interested in and what to elaborate on.

First, Write, write, write. Get it all down.

There are several print-on-demand companies. I went with outskirts press. I signed with outskirts before I even finished writing because I was committed and needed the BIG push. Before I turned in a final manuscript, I hired an editor. Outskirtspress has editors available, I just happened to stumble on one privately who met my needs. She is not taking new clients right now, but suggested newsletter as a good source of information. Another source I found is Parapublishing.

I went back in forth with my editor three times. 1st she organized and made ((many)) grammar suggestions, and then sent it back to me. With an updated and neat manuscript, I easily wrote some more and then she took it again for a few weeks. After she returned the second round, I continued to fill in more gaps and she specifically edited the new sections only.

When I was satisfied that I wrote everything I wanted to include, I sent it to outskirts for interior design. I am on my second round with outskirtspress. I am expecting it to be ready to go to print after this. A friend from my college is designing my cover. I am waiting on final proofs from her too.

Looking back, I probably didn't need to sign with outskirts so fast. I needed to finish writing more first. I would have sent it to an editor sooner (and stop wasting time dwelling on it).

I merged all my articles into one document on Jan 1 2007 and signed with outskirts shortly after. I hired an editor around March. I wrote my first article in 2002, not realizing how much more I would continue to write. That gives you an idea of my time-line.

It sounds like you have a lot to share! I am glad you asked.

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