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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wear Your Baby

The last time I wore David in a sling was on a day trip to Savannah, Georgia when he was almost three. There is lots of walking and climbing on uneven cobblestone and pavement. It’s not easy to have a stroller downtown or on the River Walk. It felt so good to have him up high, not dragging behind and calling, “C’mon David, Don’t touch that. C’mon, vamos” In his simple innocence of youth, I overheard a boy about David’s age ask, “Daddy, please carry me like that little, boy.” I felt so good knowing I was meeting David’s needs.

My profile photo shows me wearing David in a five-yard-long wrap (that I made!) I carried David around in Savannah in a non-padded ring sling (like in the photo with this post). Both my doulas sew ring slings so I especially liked wearing slings made just for me by my special friends. In the office I teach moms how to wear a non-padded ring sling. A ring sling is the quickest to explain how to use in a busy office. I keep photos on a my bulletin board of different slings and let mom's know there are more styles of carriers and many resources to learn how to use all the different styles. A wrap is popular in my area. It takes too much time in the office for me to pull out and demonstrate.

I have never used an Mei Tei. I wish I tried it. I used a padded sling, but I didn't care for the bulk and I did not feel like there was enough flexibility in length to accomodate my change in size through pregnancy, postpartum weight loss, and next pregnancy..., I do not like the pouch. I know a lot of people do and is worth looking into. I've tried various department store carriers. Those carriers discouraged me and looking back I felt like I lost time "wearing my baby." If I had another baby to start over with, I would have a non-padded ring sling (from my doula friends), my wrap, and a mei tei from the start.

I love the Babywearing CD-ROM.

I also like this site:

I have more on my sling musings on my main website.


Catalina said...

Yeah, I would definetly like to learn how to wear the baby in the long wrap. I've seen some at home demonstrations online. That is definetly a sweet thing to hear ... poor little boy wanted to be slung too! It gets tiring for them to walk around .. even when older. Everyone still asks me where I got my ring sling! Thanks for showing us this handy life-saver :)

Permission to Mother said...

You'll probably find that 5 yards of wrap is easy to learn. It's fairly easy to find five yards of fabric that doesn't need to be hemmed (than you don' have to sew). Walmart use to have a dollar/yard table. Maybe they still do?

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