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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Before My Sugar-free Kick

Before I found out I was sensitive to sugar, I was actively participating in a local organic produce co-op. I had already made changes to eat better. I was eating and cooking many vegetables I previously didn't know existed. I was also using a lot of organic cane sugar, garlic and olive oil--thinking I was doing something good for myself.

At this time, I began cutting out foods that are obviously not good. I wasn't "dieting" or "calorie counting" per say, but it seemed like it was still way too easy to put on weight while eating healthy.

Really, you can imagine my surprise to find out I was sensitive to these foods and more. It is a universal belief that garlic and olive oil are good for you. Alcat teaches that besides water there is not one universal food that is good for everyone. Alcat also teaches that food that causes inflammation in our bodies, also creates a vicious cycle of craving the food (like sugar) that is not good for us. Indeed, I notice my appetite never seemed satisfied. Alcat also teaches that our body can recover from these sensitivities by a total elimination for a period of time. That makes me feel motivated an encouraged.

The first week I started the elimination, I thought I was going to die of starvation. I wasn't very strick the week two of my sons have birthdays. That week, gave me a chance to review my progress and learn what I could eat, so I wouldn't feel so deprived. Sugar-free options is what I will post about soon.

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