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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Besides an Epidural...

America, besides pharmaceuticals, OBs aren't taught pain reducing techniques to offer their laboring patients. Women watch too much TV birth drama (including TLC birth stories) that doesn't help us know our options.Pain reducing ways woman have used to cope with pain in labor:Stop watching TV birth storiesPreparation by taking out of hospital birth classesMentally and Spiritually prepare with positive affirmationGood Nutritioncareful choice of bith provider Doula support emotional and physical supportwater birthhypnobirthmaintaining mobilitymassageheatFaith (Many of the women in Christine's and Courtney's blog circles have written Powerful posts of how faith influences adoption, family building and other areas of their lives... don't give up during labor!! Many women suddenly think their OB is god and suddenly trust their OBs more without considering other opinions.)Christine's photo with her baby in the water shows how empowering this birth was for her. It's a great photo. Epidurals Deny, Deny, Deny.... Chrisitne, Rockstar's Wife, can you think of any more ways to reduce pain...

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