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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Breech Awareness: Breech is NOT a disease

This is my third son's purple feet.
He was born healthy on my bed with my midwife and two doulas!

Here are a few GREAT links, I've collected on breech vaginal birth: My story!
Homebirth: Midwifery Mutiny in South Australia: Breech birth a video of a footling breech

Since, most women will not be able to find a provider to deliver a breech vaginally, These are some techniques that may help to turn a breech baby to vertex:

Webster technique ( a chiropractor technique)


pulsatilla (an herb)

squatting & sitting with legs spread leaning forward

Laying in an incline with hips in a higher postion than the chest chest

Some OBs will offer external version

Most OBs don't inform women of any of these options. (They are not taught in medical training, atleast not in mine. And there is not too many of the types of studies done that convince OBs of the effectiveness of these techniques.) Its up to women to pursue them! Anything is better than an automatic cesarean.

I never imagined MY baby would be anything but head down. I was very lucky to be in the circumstances I was in to be able to follow through on a vaginal birth. The more women that I know who have babies in breech positions near term makes me realize, I need to keep publishing breech resources and create awareness.


Christine said...

Wow! Amazing!

Munch75 said...

Thank you, thank you for the information! We're trying to get my little man to turn now.

Permission to Mother said...

I am glad you found this, munch75. I posted it in your honor!

I was clicking on all the links to make sure they still work. I noticed the UK midwife Mary Cronk estimates 3-4% of near full term pregnancies are breech. It seems that in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, its about 25% that are breech. No kidding. I hear more and more babies are feet first.

Recently, I've also heard of Pediatricians going overboard with US and orthopedic consults on the breech newborn to "find" out why the baby was breech.

crispy said...

I had never even thought that my baby would be breech. But my first one was, no feet but bottom first. She was also 10 pounds. She was a section, but my next one was a v-back. Are docs doing v-backs anymore?

Natalie said...

This is so interesting Denise. My first baby was butt first, but somehow no one discovered it until I was 9 cm. I ended up with a c-section with a T incision.

Now my babies are delivered two weeks early and my doctor wants me to have a tubal ligation when I give birth next month. He thinks it is too dangerous for me to get pregnant again. What are your thoughts on this?


Permission to Mother said...

It's hard to find a physician to do a vaginal birth these days, yet alone a VBAC. Cesarean rates are nearly 50% in many locations. Everything seems to be "just" cause for a C in the minds of mainstream OBs.

A ten pound baby is not a reason to have a C. It is true that OBs don't like to deliver big babies. I am aware of several 11 pound homebirth babies in my location delivered with midwives.

Unfortunately a "T" is non-negotiable to ever birth vaginally. VBAC after T success stories have not been brought to my attention at this point in time. ICAN may have more info.

It is really diguisting that OBs can't/won't deliver breech naturally, especially when you get to 9!. T's make me angry because of the immediate and future implications on a women's birth plans.

Natalie, can you have control over the immediate postpartum period, like holding and nursing your baby, getting photos. Or does your baby HAVE to go to the nursery first?

As far as the tubal goes, I don't like doctors imposing their birth control options on women. Perhaps, your doctor is thinking that each pregnancy and C get riskier. And also sees that you have "enough" children. It's not the doctors choice to impose permanent sterilization on you. Make sure you and your husband are spiritually at peace with your doctors advice if you proceed with sterilization. (I've read some of your blog.)

I wish I could turn the hands of the clock back.....


Natalie said...

Hi Denise,
The first thing my doctor told me after my C was that I could never have a vbac because of the T incision. Apparently, from what I was told, my uterus contracted as they were removing the baby, and so they had to do the T to get her out. I think it was all an unfortunate mishap.

Neither myself nor my husband feel at peace with sterilization. He (my husband) is concerned with risks to my health if I become pregnant again because the doctor told us I have a very high risk for placenta accreta. I have been unable to determine if this condition would endanger my life in most instances which is what the doctor has led us to believe.

You raise some interesting questions regarding spending time with the baby immediately after birth. With my second baby, I didn't get to see, much less hold her until she was about 10 hours old because they were concerned about fluid in her lungs. I think I am going to inquire of my doctor next week. You have definitely encouraged me to take more control of my birth!

I wish I could turn back the hands of the clock as well....


Permission to Mother said...

Natalie, Perhaps he can schedule your C closer to your due date and decrease the chance of "fluid" in the lungs secondary to immature lungs. Eventhough "38" weeks is a formal definition of term and some babies do "fine"... if a women doesn't go into labor on her own, it means to me that the baby isn't quite ready. I understand that your OB wouldn't want you to start contracting, but that doesn't mean the only way to avoid contractions is to deliver 2 weeks early.


Hannah said...

Thankyou for this post!

This one will probably sound crazy, but I know of someone who shone a torch up between her legs and dingled a bell down low, and her baby turned.

I meant to introduce myself when you asked us (your readers) to.
Im Hannah, from New Zealand, extremely interested in pursuing midwifery when my babes are a bit older. I really hope I can learn the skills required to assist at vaginal breech births.

pearly1979 said...
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pearly1979 said...
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Permission to Mother said...

I wish everyone would bring a doula with them to birth. Your comment is a good example to show how a doula can help through a C. I've seen some of the photos she took when you posted them. Very nice keepsakes!

You and Natalie have circumstances where a future vaginal birth is non-negotiable in today's birth climate.

Maybe my original post (combined with the sequence of comments) will give someone who passes by here the information they need to avoid the primary C, in the first place and susequent consequences to future births!

Thank you all for sharing!


pearly1979 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sean and Lisa said...

Just was reading this post. This interests me because our future son is breech. The Birthmom has told me that they will do a C-section. She is very scared as she has never been cut before. The other factors at play here as well are...gestational diabetes, big baby, epilepsy and high blood pressure. She is due June 23rd but never goes to her due date. We have been concerned about baby's health. Also, she lost a baby several years ago to SIDS at 2 months. Does this make it a higher possibility for this baby? Sorry,many questions. Any info, wisdom, advice is greatly appreciated!

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