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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Can You Tell I LOVE my Blog?

I've had a website for the practice for a long time. I love my website. And I love that it gives me a place to post my most popular articles (birth, my breech homebirth, cloth diapers, co-sleeping, babywearing) and families could get to know me through it. Two downsides. Everything I put on it has to go through a web designer. I couldn't just write, but I had to explain how and where I want it placed. It makes for changing things around more involved than I'd like it to especially, if I don't get it right the first time.

Second, I really craved wanting to put more and more on the website about topics of particular interest to my side of practice. I am eager to share what I learn from personal and professional experiences. My husband's Senior patients see the website and think they are in the wrong practice and tell him. Grrrrr. So I have used some self-control about keeping the site balanced.

This blog has been the perfect solution. My creativity can now go beyond the practice website. This blog has been so easy to set up and maintain compared to other sites I have done. I was concerned about older posts getting buried beneath newer post on the blog. On my website, every page is visible from every page. I found a blog tutorial about maintaining a strong and visible blog. Blog tutorials showed me how I can keep old posts at the top by adding a list of "Popular Posts" in the navbar. I can change these around to refresh topics. Blog tutorials gave me other good tips like how to name posts and making the layout readable. I highly recommend blog tutorials.

Since I had a professional website, I never looked into myspace until I noticed that many of my families had showcases of the baby photos there and then I got interested. I don't update it much, but I do like to look at my friends family & baby photos. And, I found out myspace isn't evil either!

I hope you like this blog. I'd love to know you are out there. If you haven't left a comment before, I'd love for you to introduce yourself and if you have a website or blog, let me know how I can find you. I'd love to know who I am talking to.

PS-I can't believe I've admitted that I have a myspace account.


pearly1979 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
catalina :) said...

Haha .. I too found out MySpace wasn't evil ... Thank you for your blog though .. I love that you love it and that you have so much to say and it makes us "out here" feel like there's someone on our side ...

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