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Monday, December 31, 2007

Diaper Covers: Bummis vs. Bumkins

Since I wrote about the actual diapers, I thought I'd write about the covers I am familiar with. The cover is the water resistant outer layer.

Bumkins all-in-ones do not need a cover. The outer water resistant layer is built in.

Bummis and Bumkins both make a high quality diaper cover.

As long as the cover is not soiled, it can be reused before laundering. A cover can easily be rinsed and hung at the sink or it can be laundered with the rest of the diapers.

Covers are used for Bamboozle (the organic fitted diaper) and pre-folds (the white rectangles). There are many other types of diapers, these two kinds are the kinds I used the most and know the most about.

Both come in white and prints. Both have velcro closures (like paper diapers). Currently Bummis also offers covers with snaps. These covers have a newborn, small, medium, large, XL size. You do not need pins. They are easy to put on and take off.

Bumkins covers are a lighter water resistant material than Bummis. Some like the structure and firmness of Bummis. Some like how quick Bumkins dries off being so light weight.

Both fit nicely around baby's waist and thighs. I enjoyed using both and having the variety.

There are other diaper covers made out of natural fibers like wool and polar fleece. I tried fleece when I was in Georgia, but didn't use it long. I never tried the wool.

Feel free to add your own comments and questions.

I've been waning to make a list of other uses for a cloth diaper, so look for that list soon.


catalina said...

Thank you for this information! I hope it'll stay in the archives so I can return to it at any time :D

Permission to Mother said...

Catalina, I plan to keep my archives readily availible through descriptive titles, and an archive link and labels on the blog navbar.

If you still can't find an old post, there is a search button on top of the blog. I also notice my blog comes up very high on google with appropriate key words.

As my myspace friend, I am sure you have noticed that I have listed all my posts titles on myspace blog with links to blogspot posts ( ).

I am going to put a similar list at twofloridadocs soon, too. I want to help those not familiar with navigating a blog to find the older posts.


Natalie said...

I have been camped out on your blog. I thought I saw that you had a sale on cloth diapers until tomorrow. Is this true?
I tried a cloth diaper today that someone gave me, and it was kind of a catastrophe.
Eva has really skinny legs and the pee came out the leg holes.
I am really intimidated about buying the cloth diapers because I am afraid I will hate them! What do you think I would prefer: the all in one or the diaper with the cover?
Also, do you have any "girlie" prints available? :)

Permission to Mother said...


I'm glad you have enjoyed all the blog posts.

It sounds like the diaper you tried is a size too big or wasn’t properly washed before (with too much detergent built up). I was convinced I'd hate cloth diapers when I first bought and then could say, "I told you so." But I fell in love with the first 6 bumkins all-in-ones I purchased and never put a disposable on him again.

For hesitant mothers I've been thinking about an economical way to start out in cloth as a baby under 12 pounds. This is what I’ve come up with: The infant prefolds (<15 pounds) are about 1.00 something each. I can't remember exactly. And with 2-3 covers, makes an affordable investment. This would allow part time cloth diapering. Someone more curious or committed outright could get 1-2 Bumkins All-in-one and 1-2 Bamboozle. When the baby gets to 12 pounds the options open (and sizes last a long time) and with confidence a mother can know what she wants. A medium A-I-0 Bumkins goes from 12-22 pounds, A size two bamboozle goes from 12-35 pounds! The next size in prefolds goes from 15-30 something pounds. The original infant prefolds could be used as doublers for night or travel or when dads in charge(!) as the baby continues to grows.

If it were me I’d have a variety (I did have a variety!) for different circumstances.

I’d honor the coupon for 10% off. Tomorrow by private email or phone I can let you know what I have in stock when I am in the office.


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