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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Hope I've been TOTALLY Sugar-Free for Three months.

Eating is such a social activity and detoxing from your sensitive foods can keep you home bound. Now, that's its been three months, I am comfortable shopping and what I can eat in my own home. There was other food items on my test that by the time I would navigate a restaurant menu to avoid all the foods making me sick, it was impossible to eat out. Sometimes I miss the socialization more than the food!

I didn't react as severely to other foods as I did sugar and a three month elimination was recommended for the other foods. I was stressed about leaving my "safe" kitchen over the holidays and traveling and not sure how I could maintain the detox. I decided I would keep to the sugar detox and add the other whole foods back at least until I got home.

I did plan ahead. I told my mother and John's mother I wasn't going to eat sugar. Their first response is, "Well, I don't add sugar to anything!" That's what everyone says!

My mother kindly showed me her recipes ahead of time. I can choose not to eat it or suggest a replacement ingredient. Her Pasta with Vodka sauce was clear. Her Talapia with a bread crumb and mayo was not. Mayo has sugar. Most bread has cane-sugar or corn syrup added to it. I told her I'd bring my own safe bread (Publix sour dough/ my friend bakes me bread with honey.) She left some talapia for me to top with seasoning. You have to read every label. She handed me her fish seasoning and guess what? Sugar is a top ingredient.

We did go out to eat and I stuck with eggs, cheese, fruit and soup. Somewhere I have the feeling there is a little sugar in something I ate. Not much, but its restaurant food. restaurants add taste to keep you coming back.

John's mother has been cooking healthier for a long time. She wasn't stressed at all to keep sugar-free. In fact when we go to her house, I found some of the adult cousins were also on yeast-free diets meaning they were aware of sugar content in food. I was in good eating company!

John's mother did ask if it was OK to add garlic salt to the rice. I thought it would be. I looked at the ingredient list of garlic salt: sugar, modified corn starch (yuck), preservatives, garlic, and salt. Lesson: add garlic, add salt, but don't add garlic salt. It did leave me wondering if it was added to any other foods that I may not be aware of. Why am I so anal about small drops of sugar? The nutritionist at the lab that does the testing recommends absolute elimination for the body to heal. Even for people who think they don't eat candy, ice cream... there is still a lot of hidden sugar.

But they also say that if you reintroduce a food before your body is healed, you will get sick and will have to start the elimination period all over. The good news is, I didn't get sick. I very good sign!

I am actually back in my home this morning. I am actually glad I can stick with my own food now after a few days of variety. After three month, I don't feel like I am "detoxing." I really don't want to go back to an "eat anything" diet.

I get a lot of questions about sugar-free. I suppose over time my social eating time can be replaced with people who want to eat like me; I Just have to find those people.

I get asked a lot, if I recommend the test for everyone. I get a lot of inquiries about eliminating sugar. It is definitely worth trying to reduce/eliminate sugar without taking the test. You will feel better. I have noticed a pattern on my patent's test results. Sugar problems manifest itself in everyone on an American diet. Many of have a problem with sugar (not just diabetics). Many people want to be in denial about their test results and don't want to believe the results. A person inclined to take the test, thinks they are eating healthy. In my own case, I was already eating a lot of organics and making changes, but not seeing the results. I had to get tested to see what "food" was holding me back. If you can learn from my experience, eliminate your sugar and see how better you feel, you may not need testing.

The test checked me for grains. I can eat rice, corn, wheat, millet, potato, sweet potato, and OJ and apple juice with no added sweeteners. In my case I know those foods don't cause inflammation in my body and they are safe for me. Likewise, testing can be informative to you.
The test I did is

Soon I'll post more specifically on better food choices.


Catalina said...

Thank you for this information. I've been telling my mother in law about it more and more. I can't believe they put sugar in items that have NO need for them. It's so annoying because it does bring you to that place where you're asking "What can I eat?!" .. Please, do keep posting information about it ...

Oh, and I know what you mean about trying to find the same kind of company that is into eating what you do/don't eat. Err ... It's even hard with babies ... In regards to letting my daughter not eat what other mothers call "normal" ..

Permission to Mother said...

Some vanilla extract hs sugar in it. You have to read the labels. No surprise that you have to pay the higher price to get the one without sugar.

Some canned stewed tomatoes/ sauces and pastes have sugar and some don't.

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