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Monday, December 31, 2007

I Love Learning...

...Learning never ends. Sometimes I feel like I am unschooled.

I'd personally like to take more classes. The structure doesn't fit into my life. Of course that doesn't mean I can't learn. I learn everyday.

First of all, if it isn't obvious, I don't practice medicine like medical school taught me. Medical school gave me the degree I needed to get licensed, but AFTER medical school and residency only then did I fine my own style. I had to pursue it myself.

Medical school did not teach business skills or marketing or how to go into private practice. Me and my husband have divided the tasks and each learn and read what we need to know to do our share.

On the fun side of things, I never held a camera until my schooling was complete. I did take adult photography classes after my formal schooling was complete, but I continue to work on my skills indepentently.

I did not write well in school. School failed in teaching me to love writing. I even took remedial English in college. The first story I wrote was my birth story. I found that I loved communicating through writing and I never stopped telling and retelling my story. I read grammar and editing books to get more efficient on my own as an adult.

Computers weren't around when I was born. :) I taught myself how to keyboard, e-mail, use word programs, use HTML, use discussion groups, etc... in the past 10 years.

Did I have a nutrition class? If I did I must have slept through it. I am teaching myself nutrition now.

I am not sure what school taught me that I use today. You can see why I am not in a rush to make my kids attend school. If I can continue learning at home, there is no reason they can't be successful doing learning at home, too.


crispy said...

I too love learning new things. Even something as simple as blogging requires me to step out of my comfort zone of what I know (email) to something I don't. I am learning to can and make my own jam and garden and compost. I am thankful for the thirst for knowledge.

catalina said...

That's such a cool perspective. It's one I appretiate to know about because so many people have SO many opinions about how you should do things. Learning, like you said happens more in the real world and is much more efficient when taking in information yourself, at your own pace and edifying yourself in the process.

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