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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Customized Style for My Blog!

My blog has a new look! Today Nikki updated it. She is a college student in Ontario raising money for an humanitarian trip to the Dominican Republic.

This is Nikki's profile photo. It was taken on her last trip to DR. It's one of Nikki's favorite photos. It immediately grabbed my attention as this little girl is comforted by being near her breast. It is so normal for children this age to want to clutch to the top of mom's shirt for comfort. And, since I am particularly observant of toddler behavior, I also notice how uncomfortable, many women are with being touched anywhere near the breast.

Nikki is not Naomi's mom, and that emphasizes a BIGGER point: this shows how toddlers can be comforted near the breast even if they can't be breastfed. The Light shining RIGHT on her breast intrigues me. There's a Powerful story in this photo. Atleast, that is my interpretation.

I am glad I found a way to support Nikki's mission. She is young and ambitious and will touch the lives of many!

Click on the photo to learn more about Nikki's and her projects, and how you can have a new design for your blog. For the month of December she is running a special. Only $20.00 for a new header and style uploaded to your blog. What do you think of this new look?

Naomi and her family are refugees from the Dominican's neighbouring country, Haiti.


Courtney said...

The blog looks great!!!

catalina said...

It is a very beautiful layout ...

It's also very impressive .. the whole thing about toddlers just being close to the breast and it being comfort for them.

I have a quick and super sweet story I love ... I taught my daughter that the breast is called the "ninny" .. or sometimes I call it "nunnies" ... All while at the same time trying to teach her the sign for milk ... she Completely skipped the sign and when she needs comfort ... she crawls/ tries to walk to me and says "nuhnuhnuh" while laughing/crying at the same time ... there's NOTHING like it and it warms my heart every time. So many women DON'T know what they're missing out on! This picture definetly shows that deep toddler need and it's such a sweet example of it :D

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