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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Natural Substitutes for Sugar

These are natural replacements I have found for cane sugar during my detox.

  1. 1.Stevia
  2. 2.Agave Nectar. I have reviewed this product at amazon. This has been my greatest find!
  3. 3.Honey
  4. 4.Maple- great in oatmeal and home-made granola (to replace packaged cereal).
  5. 5.Whole Fruit
  6. 6.Naturally Fructose Sweetened ei, 1.All natural juice (apple, orange, pomegranate, for example) 2. McCutcheons makes a variety of flavors of Juice sweetened Jam's. Locally I get them at Nelson's on Midway. These jam's (pumpkin butter or pineapple) cook nicely on fish and chicken and they caramelize and taste delicious cooked. For me these jam's satisfactorily have replaced many of the other high sugar sauces for cooking chicken and fish.

I'm not big on artificial sweeteners. Cane juice is from cane. It is less refined than cane sugar. May be a better choice for those that don't need to avoid cane. Cane juice is often found in organic and environmentally friendly foods.

Fruit and fructose are high-glycemic, causes spikes in blood sugar) (not good for diabetes), but the others are low-glycemic (slow and steady release of energy). Truly cutting out/cutting down on sugar would probably allow room for some diabetics to enjoy more fruit.

I use to have hypoglycemia before lunch if I was running behind schedule. I have had no hypoglycemia since cutting out sugar. I am convinced too much sugar is ironically the cause for low blood sugar.

Any other great ideas for sugar replacements are welcome! Is this kind of information useful to you?

PS-In case your wondering my kids and husband are not being forced to stick with this. I could only wish they would. I'd hate to think how much junk all of them have eaten already today.


fitncrafty said...

Love this post. I have actually been meaning to write you about it. I have been using Stevia in my tea, but really need to find something for baking. I heard a story last night about a lady that went to a relatives house and ate horrid food to find out that her mother in law, didn't know what to substitute for sugar so she used eggs! My oh my!!

Permission to Mother said...

Stevia CAN be used for baking. My stevia link (in the post) takes you to (I think). It can be substituted for sugar in baking.

I cooked a banana bread loaf with agave nectar. It wasn't bad... but I had other food going at the same time and I wasn't fully paying attention to my substitute ratio and temperature adjustment. Still it wasn't bad. It satisfied my holiday sweet tooth.
Next time I make banana bread I'll let you know. I don't "bake" much so I really don't have a lot of practical information about Stevia.

catalina said...

LoL! (<- about the kids not having to stick to it)

It's weird because just about 2 weeks ago someone was telling me about Agave Nectar and I'm actually excited to try it out. I'm glad you mentioned it!

Thanks for the info. on hypoglycemia ... I definetly need to draw back on my sugars as well ... what are you doing for Carbs?

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