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Friday, December 28, 2007

A Tribute to Cloth Diapers

With David's pregnancy (my third pregnancy), I had a yearning to try cloth diapers. I couldn't come out and admit that I wanted to. I new hardly anyone who used cloth and I figured everyone would tell me I was weird.
Before I could come straight out and admit it, I emailed cute photos like this around wondering if anyone would get it.

I used Huggies supertrim (I think that's what they are called, I can't really remember for William and Scott.) I couldn't stand how any other paper diaper felt.

David wore disposable diapers for only the first few days, until my first order of plain white Bumkins came in.

Bumkins are all-in-ones. No pins. The plastic layer is attached to the absorbent layers. They fasten just like the disposable, I was familiar with.

As cute as these prints are it took a while for me to loosen up and try them!

Ever notice the picture on the waistline of the disposable-- its often a image of an animal baby feeding out of a bottle. This was not going to work for me and was the ultimate detail that made me reject disposables. So actually, I rejected disposables "first" then I had to accept the idea of cloth.

It wasn't long before I couldn't stand how huggies super trims or any paper diaper felt and looked. I found I loved the variety of cloth diapers and prints. The softness is irrisistable.

This white diaper is a cover with a white cotton rectangle (prefolds) folded underneath. No pins needed. Many moms get these prefolds from big chain baby stores. They use them. They leak. They give up. The reason for leaking is the center is not filled with absorbent cotton. It's poly foam which does not absorb. I bought one and cut it open just to see for myself. Prefolds with covers in an economical way to go. You just have to be careful that you get a quality absorbent prefold.

The yellow covers are Bummis covers just like the white. The ZEBRA print in a Bumkins made in the USA. David loved these prints.

Finally before 3 years old David stayed dry during the day.

My friend Lisa says she was thinking about using cloth, but she needed me to really verbalize the idea and get her started. Moms like her made me decide to follow through on my encouragement and carry cloth diapers in my little office store.

She has a big bathroom and I liked how she organized her changing table and a place to hang wet diapers.

Here is one more little boy who is happy with his new diapers!

If you want to read more about cloth diapers this is an article on cloth diapers I wrote.

Also you can see the photo and comments in the previous post (below).

We kept David in cloth diapers at nighttime until recently. I am getting a handle on his bedwetting without diapers. The time has come that I must pack up the basket of diapers in the corner and put them away. I really don't want to give in to the fact there is no baby in my house.


Christine said...

Hi Denise,

Can you give me the link to the breastfeeding site you mentioned on my blog when you left a comment? I would like to look into nursing our soon to be adopted child and see if it is even remotely possible. Thanks.

Permission to Mother said...

Becky R said...

Hi! I do not have any babies in diapers, but after checking out youre website and store I am going to try cloth for me during my cycle. It just seems right! -Becky in NJ

Scarlett_333 said...

Just read your "About Me" and had a question... what is "unschooled"???

Erika said...

Love all the diaper pictures! I can't wait until our baby is born, to use all our cute, fluffy cloth!

Catalina said...

One of the things that threw me off on a "nevermind with the cloth diapers for now" tangent was making a desicion as to which kind of cloth diaper ... because, you're right, if you get the cheap ones from Walmart, they leak and it's easy to give up and give into the disposable ones! I .. know :[ I've heard of Bumkins and also of Fuzzy Buns ... Do you have info on which one is all around better?

Permission to Mother said...

Bumkins and FuzzyBunz are both a high quality diaper. I tried FuzzyBunz with David when I started cloth. With FuzzyBunz you have to fold and insert the absorbant part into the layers in the cover before use and remove it to launder. I found myself to lazy to do that, at least at that phase of my cloth diapering journey. Some like the insert on the inside layers b/c they feel it wicks the moisture away.

Bumkins is an all-in-one. It is easy to put on. It's all one piece with velcro closures. Sometimes I did add an insert, but I did not have to fit it "inside" the layers.

Recently I learned about Bamboozle diapers. I realized the link in my store to it wasn't showing. It is now. Here it is:

They are organic and made out of bamboo. They are the softest diaper I have ever felt. (It's hard to beleive that bamboo can be so soft.) They have been very popular. They do need a cover over them. There are only two sizes. One size takes you from birth to 18pounds. The other size takes you from 12 to 35 pounds.

Bumkins and FuzzyBunz have at least three sizes.

There are advantages to having more than one style of diaper. I'll write about that another time.

Scarlet_333 I'll answer your question soon.

BeyondYourPeripheralVision said...

I think I'm going to try cloth. Gonna explore my options and see what's out there 1st. Picked up a Bamboozle and a Bumkins cover at your office yesterday. My hubby's against the idea, but I'm going to find out what I like best and present the idea to him once I've got it all figured out. I'm not sure about cloth diapering myself, but it's worth a try.

Permission to Mother said...


I'm sorry I missed you! Once the soft cloth is on your baby cloth diapers are addiciting. :) Its hard to go back. Let me know if you have any questions.
I was ambivilent at first. I have an article about me switching to cloth on my twofloridadcs website. Have you seen that?

BeyondYourPeripheralVision said...

Sorry I missed you, too! Guess you don't see patients on Thursdays... I was in to drop off the Stitee for somebody who was coming in to weigh her baby.

I did read your article on your website- very interesting. Also looked around on the Internet to read more about Bamboozles and realized that I should have gotten a size 2 instead. I exchanged it today and will bring it & the Bumkins cover to Orlando on Sunday to show my friend who's interested in switching to cloth when her current stash of paper runs out.

Spoke w/ one of the LLL leaders while at Heathcote today. She gave me the skinny on her diapering experience w/ her daughter and mentioned a book that you have in your office. Is it part of a lending library? Anyhoo, she's going to bring some diapers to the next meeting and explain everything for me.

Hubby was more open to the idea after we whipped out the calculator at dinner. Not ready to make a big investment just yet, though. I want to try a few styles to see what I like best and then go from there.

What's your favorite pre-fold? Are the Bummies and Bumkins covers pretty much the same when it comes to leak-protection? Do you have a favorite insert?

Thanks a million!!!


Permission to Mother said...

Spoke w/ one of the LLL leaders while at Heathcote today. She gave me the skinny on her diapering experience w/ her daughter and mentioned a book that you have in your office. Is it part of a lending library?

*YES, before you come in special for it, ask me if it’s on the shelf. I hate for you to make a special trip and it not be in the office.

Hubby was more open to the idea after we whipped out the calculator at dinner.

*Cloth is cheaper in the long run and especially if you cloth diaper the next baby. I offer bulk discounts. The office ships out orders.

What's your favorite pre-fold?

*The ones I have in the office. I used them and Bumkins most of my diapering experience. I found value in mixing and matching. I tried other well known brands because I was gifted with a seven big boxes of cloth diapers of various kinds when David was a baby. Bumkins and the simple white prefolds remained my favorite and that’s how I choose to carry them in my office.

Are the Bummis and Bumkins covers pretty much the same when it comes to leak-protection?

*Yes. I didn’t appreciate a difference in leakage. They offer different varieties of prints. The Bummis are more formed. The Bumkins covers dry faster.

Do you have a favorite insert?

*I have a million different inserts in my personal collection. I don’t have a favorite. In the office I narrow it down to what is economical and available.

Bamboozle wasn’t available till near the end of David’s diapering. I absolutely love bamboozle.

I also have cloth swim diapers in the office. They are so much nicer than Huggies swimmies. One swim diaper can be used over and over and dries quickly.

I’d be glad to show you more about the diapers when you come by. I would just need to know your coming and have time set aside for that.

BeyondYourPeripheralVision said...

Thanks! That was very helpful. I think my priorities are:

1st- absorbancy/leakage
2nd- ease in laundering
3rd durability/lifespan
4th- price

I have a Bumkins cover, so I think I want to pick up a Bummies cover to see which I like better. Also want to pick up some pre-folds. Want to see how they compare to the Bamboozles.

I'll e-mail you to set up a time to come in. Thank you soooo much! Oh boy- can't believe I'm going to do this!


Permission to Mother said...

I also wanted to add here that I keep a good variety of styles and sizes in stock. Its impossible to have everything in every size all the time. Any print or even any product that or has, I can get. If it is not in stock, it will take up to 2 weeks to get them.

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