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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What foods is Cane Sugar found?

My husband saw me drinking orange juice last night. "Why are you drinking a big thing of OJ if you are eliminating sugar?"

I admit, I've always been confused about "sugar," too. As I began reading labels, I found out cane sugar was in everything. No surprise to anyone it's in candy, ice cream (Breyer's my favorite!), and other sweets.

It's ALSO in pizza crust,bagels, saltines, salad dressing, mayo, ketchup, crackers, saltines, every boxed breakfast cereal (except things like puffed tasteless millet.) I liked to have cornflakes or total in the morning (also has sugar). I had to think about what I was going to replace cereal with. That's when I started making granola and hot oatmeal without sugar and just using ingredients from my "safe" foods list.

My test showed I was sensitive to cane sugar. I was not sensitive to honey, fructose (natural sweetener from fruit), corn (found in high, fructose corn syrup), or maple. I can have those sweeteners (I read about what's in high fructose corn syrup and made a personal decision to eliminate it.) OJ, apple juice, pomegranate juice (and a few other juices) for the most part are fructose sweetened. Cane sugar is my problem. Not fructose. That's why I can drink OJ.

Potatoes, rice, corn, barley, millet and other high carbohydrate rich food were safe for me according to my test results (unless sauces and dressings are poured on them). They are not cane sugar. They are carbohydrates.

Understanding where cane sugar is found helped me to understand what foods I can have while I detox.

1 comment:

Catalina said...

That gives hope though because there's other things you can still enjoy :D

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