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Friday, January 25, 2008

Honey Crusted Pizza from Scratch

Last week I enjoyed reading Chris' post on Fresh Milled. She shows photos of her grain mill and her pizza.

I am not up to baking all my bread from scratch (at least I wasn't a year ago), but I found myself amongst a community of local (homeschool and organic) women who grind grain, teach classes, and best of all bake for me. I also get my freshly ground oat groats and whole grain flour from them. I know that the women who bake the bread use a heavier flour than what I actually purchase from them. (Different flour for different purposes.)

I make pancakes, banana bread, and most recently I made honey crusted pizza. All are sugar-free! The banana bread is straight forward. I also make the sauce for the pizza so I can control the ingredients. For someone who spent their life in books and hospitals, you can imagine what a big accomplishment cooking pizza from scratch is!

The home-made fresh bread has no artificial preservatives, tastes great, and obviously has no sugar (it has honey). I do agree with Chris that grinding grain is good for your health.

When you buy white bread from the store you are getting mostly endosperm and no fiber (think of what makes the white stuff in popcorn). I am fairly certain that most whole grain bread at the grocery store filter significant bran and germ layer out. The flour I am using (except for when I need white flour in particular) is the whole entire grain, ground up.

From reading labels, I also know that most whole grain bread at the grocery store is made of high-fructose corn syrup (worse than cane-sugar). When you think you are buying something "good" for you, you are really buying something full of processing and little relative fiber. By avoiding consumption of these breads alone, I have really improved my diet in so many ways.

( I don't have a local website to refer you to for the bread classes or purchase, but I can send local contact info on request.)


Lauren said...

Looks yummy! Mike makes a killer pizza w/ no sauce, just EVOO, fresh tomatoes, onions, fresh basil, mozz cheese, procuttio, salt, pepper & crushed red pepper flakes. He gets the dough from the Publix bakery. Not as healthy as your dough.

I would be interested in taking bread classes. Mike always complains about the bread here in the States (rightly so!). The stuff you get over there is made w/ the good stuff. Nice & dense & hard crusted. Yummy! Would you mind forwarding the info to me, please?

crispy said...

Once I was educated on bread and wheat, I was convinced on the importance of whole wheat. It really doesn't take that long to grind the wheat berries and make the fresh dough.

The health difference is very noticeable in all of us. You can see the different parts of the wheat berry in the ground flour. Some is darker than the other.

Glad you enjoyed the post.


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