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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I can't decide what to write next...

I can't decide what to write next. These are some topics I have thought about writing more on, but never have.

  • Bedwetting
  • Soiling
  • Toilet Training ( I know little about, it just happens)
  • Pregnant Belly Casts
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Vitamins
  • Teething
  • More on self publishing
  • My Top Referring Sites List
  • The Websites that I have listed as resources and why
  • Why/how I chose the products that are in my store
  • Why shop locally owned and small businesses
  • Book Reviews
  • My Karate Kids
  • Hebrew School
  • Drum Lessons
  • Virtual High School
  • More on Homeschool Progress
  • What I think of pregnancy tickers (posted)
  • What my next birth plan would be (No! I am not P.)
  • Using herbs to induce labor (Avoid it)
  • Nail biting, Tics and habits in kids
  • Butterflies and Inducing Birth Analogy
  • Thoughts on preventing prematurity
  • hot flashes and aging (as related to mothering)
  • plastic surgery vs. aging naturally
  • Notable sugar-free meals
  • What sugar-free and other elimination diets have to do with pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • One-of-a-kind birth and breastfeeding success stories
  • Sling babywearing slide show
  • Herb Garden
  • Continuing on topics I have started already


  • Bread making
  • wet nursing

Its not a lack of ideas on what to write, but sometimes I have so many ideas I can't focus. Which ones of these are you interested in? Any questions on these topics? Your feedback may help me prioritize.

If you have no questions, this list is kind of like a warning and lets you know what lies ahead. :)


crispy said...

I vote...

-Thoughts on preventing prematurity
- Bedwetting
-Why shop locally owned and small businesses


BeyondYourPeripheralVision said...

Hebrew School
Elim. Diets
Birth Plan

How about thumb sucking vs pacis?

Sorry so short- baby in lap

Amy said...

I would like to vote for: teething, vitamins, top referring sites list, websites listed as resources and why, and book reviews.

BeyondYourPeripheralVision said...

i second teething and book reviews :)

pearly1979 said...
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Kristen said...

Yeah, so what is wrong with pregnancy tickers? Ha!
I want to know about herbs to induce labor. What about EPO? What about EPO for vbac hopefuls? Is it "safe"?
Hebrew School
Sugar-free diets and pregnancy/bfing
Birth Plans - are they a good idea? I have heard so much about nurses (in the hospital) trying to get women with birth plans into the OR or at least cave to the epidural. Would you need a birth plan for a homebirth?

Permission to Mother said...

Do you have particular questions about Hebrew School?

BeyondYourPeripheralVision said...

No specific questions, just would love to hear about it. I nannied (2 years) for a Jewish family in college, had several Jewish friends and babysat for an Orthodox Rabbi when I was in my early 20's. Despite this, I don't know a lot about the faith. Never attended Temple with any :(

Permission to Mother said...


Thanks for your ideas. I can't get to everything at once. As you give me new ideas that I must put off, I may add them to the bottom of the list, so I have it to come back to. (You'll recognize the new ideas since the original post because they are below the chopped line.)

My kids said if I don't stop typing stories about them and start cooking for them, they will starve and die. Then I will have to write about that. :P

My list of ideas on this post looks like a table of contents for a sequal book that should be called "Permission to Breastfeed," doesn't it?

Lauren said...

Regarding your herb garden- not sure if you compost at all, but you're welcome to as much horse manure & old hay as you like. I have a pile that has been sitting for almost 2 years. Haven't turned it, though...

Permission to Mother said...

Haven't composted yet.
My herb garden... well, the basil grows wild... By far I am not an expert, but we did have a lot of fun and unexpected surprises trying to grow tomatoes and peppers and herbs last year. I'm going to try it again.
I may take you up on the "fertilizer" offer. I don't need much. I live in a zero lot in the mega-metropolis of SLW. I'm certain we can grow something edible.

Oh-just because something appears on my list of topics, doesn't mean I'm an expert. I (you) might find more entertainment in what I don't know.

Natalie said...

I would love to see a post on the benefits of co-sleeping with infants...especially since that is so taboo.
Any input?

Permission to Mother said...

As you can imagine, I counsel my families to bring newborns into the family bed. Breastfeeding, co-sleeping, bonding go hand-in-hand. Babies should be fed at early hunger cues like rooting. Many moms learn how to nurse wihtout ever getting out of bed and many moms don't "fully" wake up. I know that I slept through much of the night nursing.

I hope this quick answer gives you some re-assurance.

I thought someone asked me about wet nursing here. Wet nursing/milk sharing is more common that you would think. Mothers can make the arrangements themselves. I am willing to do screening tests for infectious disease, but most women have had these tests done through the pregnancy and I don't get that involved with it.

When I have more to post on these topics, I'll post to the top of the blog.

Permission to Mother said...

The pregnacy ticker problem as I see it has been added to the top of my blog... If what I have to say is not what you imagined what I might say... I'd appreciate hearing what you thought I might say. If you disagree with me, I'd like to hear it.

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