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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Blog Summary

I find that it is bittersweet at the end of the month when all my current blog posts get buried under the "cyberpile" and become archived. It is really quite amazing how fast my original writing can accumulate when I write just a little everyday. I hope that new visitors can easily find and enjoy what I have had to say and regular readers can go back to a post that was of particular interest and enjoy the newer comments (and my addendums!).

The three most popular older posts that visitors find by search engine are: Breastfeeding and Zantac, Why you need a Bassinet, Does Breastfeeding Hurt. Marked with an asteric.

I also marked the posts with most comments. *

This month I thought I would go back and list ALL relevant posts and then at the end of each month continue with a monthly listing.

January 2008 (25)
The Birds and the Bees and my Boys
Reconciling a College Education after Unschooling
Honey Crusted Pizza from Scratch
My Pregnancy Belly Cast
Why Does Mom Work?
What's the Problem with Pregnancy Tickers?
What Kept My Kids out of Organized Daycare
All About my Childcare Arrangements
Babies in the Workplace With Mom
Thumb vs. Pacifier?
I can't decide what to write next... *
Flexible Sleep Routines for Babies *
Assessment of Sugar-free Diary
Welcoming a New Blog
RSS Feeds, Bloglines, and Google Reader
Sugar-free Food Diary
Rantings about Writing
My Sugar-free Pantry
Breastfeeding Mothers' Slide Show
Sugar-free Breakfasts
Co-sleeping on a Winter's Night
You Know How Much I Love Babywearing: Four Clips f...

December 2007 (26)
I Love Learning...
Diaper Covers: Bummis vs. Bumkins
What's Unschooled?
Bumkins, FuzzyBunz and Bamboozle Cloth Diapers
Tobacco Cessation for the New Year
A Tribute to Cloth Diapers *
What's This Green(not) Thing?
I Hope I've been TOTALLY Sugar-Free for Three mont...
What's in my Hand?
Ready for Solids?
Coping with low milk supply.
"I Couldn't Ever Labor without an Epidural!"
Wife of Rockstar Wears her Baby
Mothering Books I can't recommend at
Why I Support the Nestle Boycott
Breech Awareness: Breech is NOT a disease *
Homeschooling: The First Year
Cornered by a Gift from my Neighbor *
Can You Tell I LOVE my Blog?
Besides an Epidural...
Natural Substitutes for Sugar
Continuing the Natural Family Planning Discussion
Customized Style for My Blog!
What foods is Cane Sugar found?
Before My Sugar-free Kick

November 2007 (28)
My Diet has Been Sugar-free for Two Months!!
Maternal Confidence and Subsequent Children
Natural Alternatives to Tampons and Pads
Breastfeeding and Birth Control *
Induction Scare: Are You Due in December?
My Thoughts on The Business of Being Born Document...
Who's Cooking at Your House?
My Waiting Room
Nursing Bra Humor
ICAN Birth Videos
FAQ: Burping your Breastfed Baby
Introducing Our Newest Drummer David...
Zantac, Breastfeeding, Reflux *
David's Quote of the Day
Am I still Unschooling?
It must be fun to be a mother these days....
Does Breastfeeding Hurt? *
Wear Your Baby
Self-publishing, getting started...
My Original Articles
How books get to bookstores...
My Photography Style
Information off the Internet
What is "home-centered parenting?"

October 2007 (10)
Permission To Mother Table of Contents
Are you a newbie to blogs?
My unschooled child is student of the month at TBE...
LOVE expressed by 2 four year olds
Yes, you can link to me!
Why you need a bassinet! *
Breastfeed with Confidence
Birth: "But I have no choice..."
Introducing a new blog...
Introducing my new book coming soon....

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Munch75 said...

Great idea to post these ... I got to go back and read some I had missed or needed to remind myself about. :)

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