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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Pregnancy Belly Cast

While pregnant with David (my 3rd) , mental and spiritual preparation for my homebirth and getting comfortable with my body, included my creative expression. This is my second belly cast. My doula, Dawn, plastered me the day I went into labor. She decorated it in the following days. (Remember, we didn't know he was breech.)

Dorion Stanger, sculpture and owner of Pregnant Memory Sculpture says:

"The pregnancy memory sculpture is a declaration to your child of the pride you felt when mother and child were one."
My sister made a belly cast for me when I was about 28 weeks. It is so much fun to make a cast. It's a very healthy outlet and a great way to connect with your birth team.
I have one cast in my exam room. This one is in the office, but too big to be in the room. I'd be glad to show it off if you ask.

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