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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rantings about Writing

In an earlier post I mentioned the first article I wrote was the birth story of my older two sons. It was hard to write that story back then because I didn't have writing experience. Yet, I found that I loved creative writing and it took me two years(!) to turn out another story called Reflections of my Obstetrical Training. I liked that my organized and composed thoughts could reach a larger readership.

After that my family moved out-of-town and I relied on e-mail and writing to stay in touch. I wasn't working, although I did make local friends, it took a long time. Writing to friends became my primary social communication.

I found my writing was getting better and better because I wrote a lot. Sometimes when I didn't have anyone to talk to in person and help me organize my thoughts, I went about writing my thoughts confident that one day I would have a BIG audience (I should have had a blog!).

I liked writing about my boys then and I was correct, many of the articles and the incomplete blurbs eventually merged into my upcoming book.

Now, I started my blog because I have accumulated more ideas/wisdom/experience and do not have enough time to tell everyone individually. These days, I am well socialized in real life. Writing is for fun and for efficiency because I tend to find myself writing about subjects that I tell over and over to my many family, friends, mentors, and patients. A blog should help me be less repetitive knowing that anyone interested can access what I have to say whenever they are receptive.

Because of the blog I have a new circle of people I interact with: technically literate Blog Buddies sharing related personal goals that I would have never found if I didn't start a blog. I feel very privileged to have expanded my circle of interaction.

Ironically, I am not certain that family and friends that I have stayed in touch with by e-mail on a regular basis even check the blog. It seems that having a blog hasn't been an effective communication tool for those I already "know." I am nosey and curious, if I knew a friend of mine started a blog I'd be checking in. I 'd want to know what they have to say. Maybe they are thinking a blog is like a newsletter and it will arrive in the inbox and wonder why don't I send them new posts (and they don't know they need to check the blog or subscribe to the feed) or maybe they have blogophobia. Maybe they think I will drag them into "something." (live Divacups or sugar substitutes, :P) Maybe they want the personal feel of an e-mail. I still e-mail plenty. But it's weird not knowing if my long term writing friends check the blog. I assume they are not if after all this time, nothing has been said despite my e-mail, links, and/or verbal invitations to check out the blog. My blog URL is in most of my outgoing signatures, so the post might not come in the "e-mail," but the "URL" is. It's even weirder knowing that I am writing, but wondering if my "writing" friends are missing out on this fun communication format. I miss their involvement. Are you out there?


Munch75 said...

I'm a nosey/curious person too, so I tend to read my friend's blogs also. I like keeping up on what's going on in their lives. I'm on myspace and before Alex was born, I blogged as often as I could. Most of my friends/family didn't read it though, but I enjoyed using it as a diary of sorts. I'll start an "Alex" blog here as soon as I find some time. I'd like family to be able to see what's going on and how he's growing. Keep on blogging!! :)

Becky R said...

I have to email my blog address to my existing friends and family so they check it otherwise they do not. I tell them I update it almost daily. Go figure. -Becky in NJ

Catalina :D said...

Yeah! That's the very reason I read ... curiousity on what's on your mind .. kinda like having a friend you know everything about I guess :D Thanks for keeping up with it even though you're so busy!

BeyondYourPeripheralVision said...

I enjoy reading your blog because the topics vary from day to day. Very interesting reading! Also, you're a been-there, done-that mom who has a lot of experience under her belt. There's a lot to learn here! Thanks for sharing!

Kristen said...

They may be blogophobes like me. I have not subscribed to your blog (I don't know how...eep) I do have the address saved to my favorites, so I try to check when I remember to.
You are inspiring me to consider starting my own blog, but of course I would need to learn how. Chris just took a web design class and he is talking about improving our family website ( as it is pretty pathetic right now. He talked about starting a family blog. I want my own secret blog though, where I can freely write about birth, ICAN, HBAC, VBAC, etc. where I don't have to worry about certain people in our life reading it and knowing what our plans are (and I know you know who I mean ;)

Permission to Mother said...

I am so glad You are following along! I feel more comfortable sharing in my own "forum" than any other. In some ways I like it more than I like e-mail because, I don't think to save outgoing e-mail with worthy content and then I can direct anyone to a blog post that needs the info whenever. I like it better than the office newsletter. The newsletter takes to much time. John's patients aren't interested in my kind-of-topics, so I held back not to loose his readers. Now I may use the mailing less less frequently and keep that simple. I can probably blow away his diabetic practice with my sugar-free info. WHo would think Breastfeeding Denise would ever contribute anything to diabetes. :)

It is so easy to start your own blog. I have done many websites, free and professional. Blogspot is one, two, three... When you are on my blogspot page, on the upper right side, there is a button that says create a new blog or something like that.. Think of a name for your blog and your published! It is easy to edit and update and delete. A blog could be set to be by invitation only and no one else could access it.

I will go check out your family website. :)

I do remember when Courtney (Camp Girdwood) first sent an email saying she was going to update at the blog instead of email. I liked her email and wasn't sure why she was "changing it." After I saw her in person and she told me about her blog, I completely understood and started this one that same day. Sounds like I had a little blogophobia.

When I started reading her blog and the blogs of her readers, I felt like I was jumping in, in the middle of a conversation, but it didn't take long to catch up.

I still don't understand how to subscribe to feeds and I am not sure how to retrieve the feed. For now I bookmarked and go through my list. Sometimes I spend to much time writing here, it leaves me little room for commenting on the blogs I go through. :(

Permission to Mother said...

I continue to be totally amazed how over time how blogs help network and all the social contacts I have since I started this blog. I am amazed watching all the projects that grow out of the blogging community effort.

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