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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is an excerpt from my sons Language Arts Assignment. Originally, I was hoping he would answer, "Yes," and explain who inspires him:

Topic: Can one person or one incident transform (change) the life of another?
Date of entry (22/01/08)

No one can inspire you. Only you can inspire yourself. If someone says, "Come on. Keep going to the top" or "Don't give up," This would be called "motivation.” If you don't want to do it you won’t. They could try to inspire you and make you think you could do it. You might realize you can't and think it’s too frustrating and hard. If you really want to do it, you have to inspire yourself.

After, I got thinking about it. I realized his wisdom. People need to do it for themselves.

How many times do I hear (in regards to wellness):

"My insurance doesn't cover it."
"It's too expensive."
"I had a doula and I still had a cesarean."
"My husband doesn't support it."

or MY favorite:

"I saw Dr. Punger for breastfeeding and she couldn't help me. "

My son is absolutely correct in his rationale. You can surround yourself with encouraging, like-minded and informative people....

But if you want it bad enough, take on self-responsibility. It must come from within.

Way to go, William!!
(William, recieved a perfect score on this assignment.)

1 comment:

Lauren said...

"But if you want it bad enough, take on self-responsibility. It must come from within."

I agree!

William's a smart boy- just like his mama!

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