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Friday, January 18, 2008

What Kept My Kids out of Organized Daycare

When I was pregnant with my first son, I often was told that my son would be better off in daycare and since I worked so hard for my career, I shouldn't give it up. You hear stupid stuff like this over and over you get immune to other possibilities. I knew we would need childcare. Licensed daycares eliminated me, before I had a chance to eliminate them.

Why did they eliminate us? When William was a newborn the very first consideration that eliminated us was that I worked til 7:00, 3-4 days a week. Daycares close at 5 or 6. This was absolutely not an option.

As he got older, I continued to hear the message that my son needed socialization and how good particular private daycares/preschools were. On tour, they did stress the wonderful teaching environment (if you want that kind of learning) (Whether they call it daycare or preschool it is all the same. It is just a word.) The very simple thing that wouldn't work this time is that I didn't see William napping after lunch on command. All kids in these programs are suppose to nap at that time.

Once again due to peer pressure, I looked at private preschools when he turned about three. The thing that kept me out this time was the forced toilet training routine. You had to be trained to be in the 3 yo class. William didn't bladder train til 4 and after that he suffered with soiling (encopresis). We were excluded.

Three small but not trite reasons kept me looking for other options.

I also knew that daycare kids stayed sicker. (But can you believe some doctors think that is good for their long term immunity! YIKES!)

Many mothers do truly believe that there kids are better off in daycare. I hear all the time, "My child has learned so much from going to preschool." The fact is that young ones are sponges, they will learn in many types of environments.

My previous two posts may help find more options. Here and here.


Munch75 said...

Growing up, I always pictured myself having lots of babies (naturally), breastfeeding, and home schooling ... sadly that isn't what my life has become.

I'm quite a bit older than I ever expected to be having my first child. Staying home just isn't realistic for us, financially speaking. And as much as I don't want to, my little one will be going to daycare. :(

Those that are able to stay home with your little ones, enjoy it, cause I'm jealous :) hehe.

Permission to Mother said...

There is lots of info here between me and Sarah (on her blog). Hopefully we give you creative ideas to make the most of your situation. Mabye some possibilities you never thought of.

kerbouchaud said...

I'm with Munch, staying home just isn't in the cards for us, but I wish there was another option. Out littlest is in a hime daycare environment which seems to be the lesser of the daycare evils, but my next oldest is in corporate daycare and I am constantly appalled by some of the stuff that she comes home with. My son is in Public school and I understand now why one of my pubic school teaching friends refers to public school as the "great American unwashed" My kids are literally surrounded by some of the dumbest and crudest kids on the face of the earth while being instructed by the "lowest bidder"
For those of you that are stay-at-home moms, congrats and keep it up. If you're thinking about giving up and putting them in school or daycare, think twice about it and at least try out private school over public.
Who knows, maybe I'll win the lotto some day and can hire private tutors ;)

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