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Monday, January 21, 2008

Why Does Mom Work?

I had one more thought after reading through all Sarah's post about daycare scenarios and that is knowing why you work. Do you work because you have to? Do you work for extra spending money? Or do you work because it meets your needs.

Often when couples first get together, there is no dependents and both work. Subsequently, a lifestyle is created that depends on two incomes. Prior to children, it seems, very few dual income couples are able to anticipate and plan ahead for a single income with children. If this post does nothing else but makes one couple realize they need to plan ahead, it would fulfill its purpose.

I work because I feel very driven. I'd like to think that since my husband is a physician, I don't HAVE to work. :) Over 12 years there's been times, I had to work (like when we lived in a big house in Palm City), times I didn't have to (we lived in smaller houses), a time where I didn't work (in Georgia), and times we depended on a loan. At all times (for the most part) I wanted to work, loved working and felt like I was part of a community. I was full-time with the first baby, part-time after the second. Now with three boys, I have the most day-to-day flexibility in my own practice than I had being employed.

I did not like NOT working. I like the website Babies in the Workplace because it recognizes my need. It encourages me that my desire to work is normal, yet it accepts that babies and children can be integrated into the world. Women don't have to stay at home vs. leave the baby. The site presents a third option. Although, I didn't find the website until all three boys were beyond babies, I find that I am not alone in my desire to work.

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Becky R said...

I am a single mom with two boys. I have always had to work, but wanted to be with them. I asked God to provide that and He has for 10 years. I think He wants us to be with our kids as much as possible. I was a nanny for about 5 years and now run an in home daycare. So I work while still being there for my children. I am so thankful to God for this oppurtunity. I live on way less than most everyone I know (I made about $25,000 last year including all wages, child support, and my 2006 tax refund-all the money I recieved-with this I tithed, gave a small offering, and paid all my bills-obviously this is God, but I have friends with two incomes who make four times what I do and were not able to pay all bills and ended year with debt.) It is all about priorities and knowing needs, from wants, and luxuries. ALL of our needs have always been met as well as many wants and even some luxuries. GOD IS SO GOOD! So any two income families it can be done on one! -Becky in NJ

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