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Friday, February 29, 2008

February Blog Summary

In case you missed something this month, this is a summary of my posts this month. My post and reply to ACOG's stance to homebirth got more hits than any post before and then my book announcement was just as popular.

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January 2008

Last year while, I wrote and read and proofread my manuscript, a friend inquired, "What will you do with yourself when you are done and published?" I looked forward to not having to stay behind when my family goes out for fun on the weekends. Since being published, AND it's only been about two weeks, I've been swamped. With what, you want to know? I am not exactly sure. E-mails, inquiries, getting the word out, and getting the book out to the ladies that helped me....

I've sent a few copies out for review. I will share those reviews when they happen. I have been invited to a few upcoming book signings, meetings, conferences. I've been a homebody through the writing process so I am changing gears a little bit. I will share those details as I confirm them.

My Grandfather of 95 is critically ill. With that I will probably take a blog break for a few days and turn more of my attention to him and my family. My dedication page in Permission to Mother is to my stepgrandmother: Adele Deutsch, a mother to us all. I was hoping I'd be able to show him that my book honors her memory. I'm [the book is] too late. He's out of it. He'll probably never be alert enough to know about it. His mind was fully alert until just recently.

I have plenty of topics in mind to write about in a few days.


crispy said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandfather. Hope you can be a blessing to your family during this time.

Lauren said...

Thoughts and prayers from our family to yours in this difficult time.


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