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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Five Months Sugar-free Detox

I am still maintaining my detox. I've got a month to go. I do get asked if I will keep it up after the 6 months. Its been about two months since I posted about sugar-free and after re-reading my previous sugar-free posts made me realize that I continue to to make many positive changes to my diet.

I feel better... so what's to go back to? True, I may not need to be so restrictive as I am now. In the beginning when I thought sugar-free was total torture, but now I am glad I have had this chance to realize how bad sugar is for me. I once thought how lucky I am that I can eat anything I want. I felt sorry for people that needed to be on restrictive diets. Now I feel very empowered that I took the alcat test and know the inflammatory effects sugar has on me. Now I wish others can appreciate how bad sugar is.

I've come to the conclusion that sugar should be illegal. Its a domestic product and taxable so it would never happen. It may sound eccentric that I say sugar should be illegal. Consider...a third of our adult population has diabetes and a third is overweight. For everyone that has taken the alcat test, sugar shows up some how. Some have an anti-inflammatory reaction like I had, some have candida (yeast) sensitivity and the treatment is no sugar, some have insulin resistance by test (without overt diabetes). Many of our kids have behavioral problems. It makes no sense that sugar is so readily available. Its side effects are worse than street drugs.

To my surprise in the past two days, three men in my practice have followed my advice to read labels and cut back on sugar. All three have lost weight and feel better. The two that are diabetic are better controlled. I am pretty excited that three MEN, not a part of the birth, breastfeeding, blog community found what I say helpful.

I used to think of my husband as the diabetes doctor in our practice. He is good at juggling all the fancy pharmaceuticals (which never seems to help a person with a non-compliant diet) and managing all the complications of diabetes. It is so much more rewarding to treat a motivated patient nutritionally.


crispy said...

It is so refreshing to hear a doctor understand that our diet has so much of an effect on our life and health. In my interactions with physicians, I find it so rare.

When I talk about milling my own wheat to make fresh whole wheat bread, they check me off as odd. As mothers, I believe that we are responsible to educate ourselves to what we are feeding our families.

Congrats on being so disciplined.

Anonymous said...

OK, one of the men she is referring to is my husband. I have bene on him about his eating habits for nearly 27 years of our marriage, but we all know that our men will do what they want. It just bothered me when they would complain about things that could be fixed by thier food intake...DUH!

Well, the lovely Denise suggested that my husband lose the sugar, so we tried Stevia (Yucko for us) and also agave. I had been introduced to agave by a vegan friend of mine, so it was not a foriegn substance.

I was sold on the idea that my husband had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for he wold go from one extreme to another. Not being able to go one day, and then live in the bathroom for days.

It did not take long, but about 2-3 weeks after losing the table sugar, his stomach and everything that came along with it, began to settle down. We still use honey to make our homemade bread, but so little that is not worth it to make the change. And my daughter uses raw sugar when she makes sweets.

However, I made a homemade pecan pie the other day and I used agave, and wow, it was delicious, and truth be told, I could not tell the difference that it was not table sugar in the recipe.

Long live agave!

Permission to Mother said...

I like the honey in the bread too. Honey has its own benefits. I agree with keeping it in the bread.

Anonymous Danette- Crispy makes her own bread, too! She has posted about it on her blog.

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