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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Karate Promotion Night

Tonight William and Scott were promoted to yellow belt/green stripe. This is William just before the board break. He broke the board. I missed it. :( His instructors are the two in black. Hanshi Fabrey has been teaching martial arts for about a hundred years. The class is taught using "Japanese." I like the cultural/language part of it. They really emphasize form and technique. We have sat in on many different martial art schools. Too many of them are about promoting students too quickly for self-profits. My boys get a good mix of kicking, punching, sparring and self-defense in this class.

Here they are again. Sensai is Hanschi's son.
This is Scott's certificate.

I highly recommend United States Karate Federation for local families.
I have a photo of Willaim breaking the board (and his foot as through the broken board) from when we lived in Georgia. When I find it I am posting it here. Of course, I can't find it tonight.
I want to highly recommend Roman Martial Arts in Rome Georgia. I also liked their family-run school, the small classes. I liked the studio and their library of martial arts books with S. Korean and martial arts stories.


pearly1979 said...
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crispy said...

Congrats on the promotion. Great job boys.

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