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Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Pregnancy Portraits

This series of photos is of my third pregnancy. I was 2o0 pounds at the beginning of my 3rd pregnancy (if I recorded my weight right and wasn't lying to myself at the time). I thought I would never be able to get attractive pregnancy photos. I thought I was fat and awkward. I put my mind to getting good photos, because I saw the value in a positive self image when it came to a successful birth outcome. E-mailing and sharing the photos was a part of my outward plan to mentally prepare for labor. If I couldn't be comfortable sharing photos with my friends, how could I ever be comfortable laboring in front of them?

This is my beautiful mother pregnant with my sister. This is the only pregnancy photo we have of her. In 1967 she said, you were to hide your secret for as long as possible under a tent.

This is my pregnancy portrait during my second pregnancy. I "learned" how to hide my pregnancy too. My sister took this photo. It's a cute photo, but I didn't really think much of my belly.

Now, in my third pregnacy, I want to free myself. I don't show much here. It is just the beginning of a series of e-mailing photos to my supportive friends and doulas. Photo taken at Berry College in N. Georgia.

Here I am about to take the Jet Ski out. We are in NE Alabama now! I am always going to wonder if the Jet Ski jolted David into a breech position ;)

Now I am in Seattle around 28 weeks. I saw the glow in the "light" and ran out with my sister so she could snap this shot. My sister is a terrific photographer. I could have had all the beautiful photos I wanted in my earlier pregnancies, if I would have only let her....

Here I am again with Scott and my niece. My sister took this photo also at 28 weeks after she casted my belly. I am making an effort to be more comfortable with my changing pregnancy shape, be comfortable with others seeing my body... and feel beautiful and special.

Now at 32 weeks, I let my sons participate in the rest of my photography. ( I really didn't have anyone else around who could oe would photograph.) William took this photo. I also felt most "comfortable" letting my boys take photos--finally unveiling my growing belly.
Scott, as goofy and as he was that morning took this photo of William. I am so amazed at all the great photos, that the boys took.
William even took this silhouette!

Another shot by Scott. the boys were 4 & 6 at the time.

Near the end of my pregnacy, William cooperated and took this.

Here is John. He had something to do with all this. We were in N. Georgia.

My baby safe and secure. He's in the safest place he could be. No pressure by anyone to induce early. I had no idea he was going to present feet first. What a difference one day in my life made. My imagery, my mental preparation, working on my inner confidence to trust and believe in my body got me past my obstacles. It took 9 months of positive preparation.
Now, look back at my mom in the first photo who represents how many women feel about their pregnancy. Can a mom-to-be that feels like her pregnancy should be hidden under a tent, labor uninhibited and successful?
How are you showing off and coping with your pregnancy? Behind the words, your photos (or lack of pregnancy photos) and icons/tickers tell alot how you feel about yourself and your growing baby!
I can't help but hope I passed on my good attitude on to my boys. We also have the memories of taking the photos. As a result, my boys are also published photographers. I love my pregnancy photos. They accomplished a lot.
Here is a recent photo of my beautiful mom.


Wife to the Rockstar said...

I have about 400 photos of me pregnant, including nude ones my hubby took I LOVE them and I am so thankful for these photos of such a precious time in my life.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

PS... you are a BEAUTIFUL pregnant woman!

Lauren said...

Great post and I love all the pictures. Your boys have a great eye!!!!

Becky R said...

you ARE a beautiful pregnant woman! Especially when you are smiling. I am learning lately if I smile I can look pretty ( I hate to have my picture taken-cause I feel ugly-hence all the shots of me practicing smiling lately.)-Becky

crispy said...

Some of my favorite pictures are the ones of me pregnant. It was such a special time and I am so thankful of the memory.

Your pictures are beautiful. What a great example of how to embrace that time.

Christine said...

WHat beautiful pictures! Pregnant women always glow!

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