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Friday, February 1, 2008

Not sure about Cloth Diapers

For mothers hesitant about the cost of cloth diapers, I've been thinking about an economical way to start a new baby (under 12 pounds) out in cloth and make the most use out of size ranges and get familiar with the routine before a larger investment.

This is what I’ve come up with: The infant prefolds (<15 pounds) are 2.00. With 2-4 white bummis covers (9.50), makes an affordable initial investment. This would allow part time cloth diapering. If you have a baby who is under 8 pounds the newborn prefolds are only $1.00 and initial investment is even less.

Someone more curious could get 1-2 Bumkins All-in-One and 1-2 Bamboozle from the start. A small Bumkins would last till 12 pounds and a small Bamboozle would last till 18 pounds.

When the baby gets to 12 pounds and you're ready to make a greater investment (and sizes last a long time), with confidence a mother can know styles and prints what she wants. Some mothers have 3-4 dozen diapers. A medium A-I-O Bumkins goes from 12-22 pounds. A size two bamboozle goes from 12-35 pounds! The next size in prefolds goes from 15-30 something pounds. The original newborn/infant prefolds could be used as diaper doublers for night or travel or when dads in charge as the baby continues to grows. I liked having a variety of styles to match our mood or circumstanes. Covers need to be replaced at 15 and 30 pounds. No pins are needed.

There is also a huge toddler prefold and cover which does work great for the 3-4 year old not trained yet, or bedwetter until treatment can be started.


Lauren said...

I agree- the infant prefolds make great doublers! I use them at night also...

Natalie said...

Thanks for taking the time to help me with this. I'll let you know how they work out!

Enuresis Treatment Center said...

After reading your blog posting, we would like to suggest another point of view. Diapers only keep the bed dry and often prolong suffering. They do not serve to treat the underlying cause, the deep sleep disorder. We work with the Enuresis Treatment Center. For 32 years, the Enuresis Treatment Center has successfully treated thousands of people from around the world who thought there was no hope for ending bedwetting. Bedwetting, or enuresis, is actually caused by deep sleep, not to be mistaken for healthy sleep. This deep sleep causes a disconnect between the brain and bladder, and the bedwetting occurs as a result. The Enuresis Treatment Center has put together an informative guide to understanding and treating bedwetting. This free bedwetting guide is available to download

Permission to Mother said...

Thanks for sharing the link to your business.

I do have a whole lot more to say about enueresis and encopresis... Just can't get to it all at once.

Many of the families in my practice and my blog readers look into EC (elimination communication) to minimize the use of diapers. Cloth diapers do help to realize how frequently they do wet and the urine is not coverd up by the chemicals in paper diapers.

I do refer many of my families with bedwetters to and keep the protocols in my office.

Your's will be one more resource for families to consider.
Watch the top of my blog for more info soon on bedwetting.

Becky R said...

Hi! What do you refer families with bedwetters to. I have a 10 year old who wets (he has ADHD) and my 4 year still wets the bed. Thanks! -Becky

Natalie said...

Hi Denise,
We received the diapers yesterday and we like them so far! We're on the third diaper. The clothes have stayed dry and dad says "they're cute!"

Thanks for taking the time to help. I have a couple of questions though. First, what are the instructions for laundering and second, what did you use to store your soiled diapers in?


Permission to Mother said...

I used a nylon laundry bag like this one:

Many people have something similiar around the house. I usually kept one hanging in the bedroom and sometimes in the laundry room. I would dump the contents into the washer and put the bag in. For drying, I'd hang my bag back on the door knob... and start filling it again.

For prefolds, use non bleach, no added softener detergent like wisk or tide. Use a long cycle, add vinegar to rinse cycle. Use two rinse cycles. Most washers have a place where you would add softner, this is where you can add the vinegar.

The bummis covers will tolerate the drier well, but the also dry quickly left to hang.

I usually didn't do any presoaking or any prerinsing unless I had an exceptionally foul diaper. Some people wash the diapers twice. The prefolds will shrink and bunch a bit when washed.

Let me know if you have more questions. And I'd be happy to hear other systems for washing diapers if anyone would like to share.

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