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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Post Publication Analogy

An analogy can be made between publishing a book and giving birth. Writing "the book" is like pregnancy: steady and long with some bumps. Then submitting the book to the printer, and going back and forth designing a layout is very hard work(labor). It seems like every round back-and-forth became more intense and longer to wait for (was it really longer or just a perception, I am not totally sure). THEN boom... you're published (birth).

You then see your book for the first time. I envisioned it would come to my house quickly and I'd have time to read it and hold it and love it. (Up to this point it was all done on computer and I never saw a hard copy.) That's not exactly how it went. Mary, my friend and the boys nanny, (and a few others) ordered a copy off of as soon as they knew it was up and got a copy right away,faster than I got my courtesy author's copy. I couldn't stand it. I went straight to Mary's when she told me she had it.

I got my first feedback(!) that night from a long distance reader:

I just devoured your book. I loved it. Made me feel so good about nursing over 2 years with no support from anyone. Even my mom wanted me to bottle feed. I also co sleep (my boys are 4 & 10.) Everyone says it is so bad, but I don't care. My kids and I enjoy this time together. This book will be my gift to any pregnant mom. -Becky

I was so happy to get that note; Ineeded that. I signed a copy at the office the next day from someone else who was speedy ordering.

When I got home that night I missed my book very much. I couldn't sleep. I felt like I peaked at it and it was taken away (nursery). I called Mary at 8 am Saturday morning and told her I couldn't stand it, I was coming over NOW to take her copy. And I did. Mary is so kind. She does anything for me.

I felt pretty anxious until my copies came on Monday night. I feel a lot better now that I have my babies in my hand. I got 10 author copies. I can share them. I just brought two copies to Bernadette Clark, who wrote the foreword and was my first doula. My other doula Regena got a copy today, also. I've designated one to Wife to the Rockstar, Mary Rainer a local doula/cbe and LLL leader., Kristen who contributed to my book and blog (her husband affectionately calls me the witch doctor). Tomorrow evening, I am bringing a copy to the mom and baby on the cover.

So far I've been invited to bring my book to three local conferences/meetings and have to get back to them on those dates. (I didn't expect any invites so quickly).

I've been asked by a few birth/midwifery groups to send a book so they can give it a review. ( I expected this and I plan to send copies to LLL for review and approval. I plan to send a copy anywhere I can think of in the birth/breastfeeding community for review.)

I've ordered my bulk order today so that I can follow through with all this activity and make the book available in the office and to give gift copies to the rest of the moms who earned a copy by contributing to my book.

I've got a lot to look forward to!


Lauren said...

I love, love, love your book! My husband enjoyed reading it as well. It was the only pregnancy/birth/parenting related book of mine that he picked up and really read. I think it will prepare me well for the next baby, if there is one. :)

Becky R said...

I was excited to see my comment. My stepmom is pregnant with her first baby (weird, I know) and I am going to order your book and have it sent to her right away. Also, I want to send you my book, so you can autograph it. -Becky

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