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Saturday, February 2, 2008

What My Next Birth Plan Would Be...

No! I am not P! Then why even consider what the next pregnancy & birth plan would be? BECAUSE so few woman have healthy images of pregnancy and birth plan, if I don't tell you, who will?

Plus, I can always hope, that there will be another baby. Pregnacy and birth planning should start prior to pregnancy. Once pregnant, it's often too late to know your options and prepare emotionally.

I'd follow the Tom Brewer Diet from the beginning. ( I am already eating like that for the most part.)

I'd have no Ultrasound-I didn't have one with my third. The first time around the doctor wanted way too many. The second I capped it. I knew way back then they were unnecessary. I am frequently requested to order a pregnancy US by my patients for their own reassurance of fetal well-being. I am not sure I understand why they are so reassuring to moms. As a physician they tell ME nothing about well-being except for that moment there is a heart beat. (You don't need a whole US for that!) One mom requested it for placental position. Since she may be having an unassisted birth that reasoning made sense. On my subsequent research more recently, a midwife told me she could determine placental position by listening AND she could use an US only to confirm her suspicion if the placenta sounded low. To give the mom credit I scheduled an US for her, she doesn't have a midwife and I don't have a doppler. I guess she had a good reason to have an US. Women want to know the sex of the baby by US. I didn't mind waiting for David's birth to find out he was a boy. It made me feel strong and Trusting that I could wait.

I am concerned that one US leads to more ultrasounds to follow "problems" that don't exist. This causes maternal worry and anxiety. They cause due dates to change, even when a mom knows her conception and dates exactly.... I'm sure I can write a whole post on the problem with US and how they are interpretted.

NO triple screen, NO amnio. I made a big mistake having triple screens. It was positive for Down's and Spina Bifida in my third pregnancy. I refused amnio. I never had an amnio. Fortunately with a granny midwife and no OB, there wasn't much pressure on me to have an amnio. There is no need to have the blood screening tests if you aren't following through. As my readers know, my sons are healthy without Down's or Spina Bifida. (whole chapter on this in the book that better be published soon)

NO routine vag exams prenatal or labor (a whole topic in itself) just to see "what's happening." Preferably no vag exams period. I declined GBS at 36 weeks with David.

NO herbs or OTCs (over the counters) as a 5 week pre to tone and prepare my uterus for labor. (another topic in itself). No herbs in labor. Herbs, OTC and pharmaceuticals to induce and augment labor are very dangerous in labor.

I'd have a low profile midwife if one would have me since I'd refuse US and Vag Exams.

Membranes rupture by themselves.

Surrounded by doulas and birth friends at HOME.

NO pregnancy ticker to make me paranoid and obscessed with my dates. Discussed in a previous post.

Labs I would have, include blood count, HIV (for attendants benefit). The intracellular vitamin analysis (worthy of another post) and Urine dips and blood pressure.

If I had another breech baby, I know I can do it. Twins wouldn't scare me from vaginal birth at home. Provider or no provider. Could I say this before my first birth? No way. Not even before my 2nd or third birth would I be so confident. It took having a breech birth and then going to a twin homebirth to be so confident.

A placenta previa is the only reason I could think that I would have to have a C in my imaginary birth plan.

I could write so much more on all these topics.....


Kristen said...

Well, Denise knows my story, but I feel that Ultrasounds led to me ultimately having an unnecessary c-section. The first was at twelve weeks, my CNM couldn't find the heartbeat with a doppler so she sent us down for an U/S to check viability. Even then I was saying "I know my baby is fine, I still feel pregnant." Well, what first time mom wouldn't jump at a chance to see her baby up on the screen, to know they are alive and healthy? Also, I didn't even know that I could refuse. At that U/S the tech moved my due date up by ten days, even though I knew exactly when my dear daughter was conceived. I went past that due date, and the CNM ordered another U/S just to see "if there is enough fluid in there." Well, there was too much fluid and my baby was "too big" so they recommended a scheduled c-section and scared me into it. I did not even get a chance to labor. There were other interventions that didn't really help; the pelvic exams that revealed that my cervix hadn't dilated at all, the "Non-Stress" tests before 42 weeks.
Next time I hope to trust myself, my body and my baby more, and trust the technology a little less.

Munch75 said...

I feel ya Kristen. When I first met Dr. P, she told me to trust myself and warned me of what could happen. And some of it did. I was induced but luckily gave birth natually with the assistance of a doula. After the quad screen, I tested positive for Spina Bifida, which was very scary for us. Luckily, our son was born perfectly healthy ... well, cept for a little extra under his tongue (tongue tied) which Dr. P snipped when he was 2 days old! :)

Katrina said...

I was just looking through your old posts. I'm wondering how you would reconcile the Brewer Diet (extremely high intake of protein in the form of meat, dairy and eggs, salting to taste w/iodized salt, etc. with Green Smoothie Girl-type nutrition (less protein, almost exclusively vegetarian/vegan, no use of conventional iodized salt? How can the gsg lifestyle be tailored to the nutritional needs of pregnancy

Permission to Mother said...

I would stick with the GSG diet if I was pregnant. (I will edit my post.)

Raw veggies especially spinach, brocolli, kale have plenty of protein.

I'd get a variety of grains such as spelt, quinoa, millet, barley, brown rice, including fresh sprouts and beans (dry not can) and nuts. Enriched flour is not a grain and I would continue to eliminate that the best I could.

I have significantly reduced the amount of eggs, dairy, chicken and fish in my diet since I started GSG and I would not plan to consume more animal products if I was pregnant.

I've never been a red meat or pork eater.

When I wrote this post, I had not run into GSG yet. I wholeheartitly believe the GSG diet supercedes the Brewer diet.

The reason the Brewer diet works is because it probably got people off of TV dinners and boxed food and fast food. In essense his patients were shifting towards a much better diet.

Brewer includes a Vegetarian and Vegan diet option. The link isn't working for me now. I don't know how many of his patients did actually follow the plant-based options. I wish Brewer could reconcile and update his plans himself. I am sure he would. As far a salt goes, I use Real Salt and try the various sea salts depending on what I am making. I've rid my house of table salt. I do believe that table salt is bad for us and sea salt has a purpose in flavoring our food with the added minerals. When Obstetricians tell woman "no salt" they don't even know the difference between sea salt and table salt. I know I didn't until I started preparing foods from more wholesome recipes.

I hope I've answered your questions!

Katrina said...

you have, thank you!

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