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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another reason to have a midwife...

Today I was signing off consult notes I get from the specialists. This is from a GYN:

We had a long discussion today. 78 yo female with a history of breast cancer satus / post partial hysterectomy 2 weeks ago for what was thought to be a benign lesion came back from path as malignant. Her breast cancer was treated with ... ... ... and complicated by... ... ...

Now I am recommending a repeat total hysterectomy to remove the tumor, but we should wait till she has healed from this surgery and seek the opinion of a radiation oncologist. I'd like to start radiation now, but its likely a RO won't start till after the second surgery and the concerns about chemotherapy are ... ... ... on and on it went.

Wait! When I birth, I want someone focused on me and babies and breastfeeding and wellness. I don't want someone distracted and specializing on disease and illness and complicated surgery making decisions. This lady deserves a great specialist, like she obviously has, who is weighing and discussing all the options. This is what a gyn is trained to do. A gyn also delivers baby according by today's standard of care. But I want a provider who specializes in me and my baby and my wellness. That specialist is my independent midwife, who is only trained in birth and wellness, along with my own personal self-responsibility. I do not need a surgeon and cancer specialist when I am pregnant.

(No, I am not P.)


Shaunna said...

Very interesting--I love your posts!

Danibee said...

It's curious that OBs seem to like to push their pregnant patients into more technical tests and proceedures. Wonder if it's so they can "flex their doctoral muscle"?

Formula For Orphans said...

I imagine that it's their style & approach to medicine. A midwife has a totally different approach. Next time I want to have a midwife & doula rather than an OB & epidural. I'm excited about having a different experience, which I am now open to. :)


And no, I'm not pregnant. Yet... ;) (maybe in another year or so...)

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