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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Children's Noise is Music to my EARS

I took my two oldest to Shabbat services last night. It was a special Purim celebration. The Temple has had a guest Cantor who has brought so much talent, humor and warmth to the Temple. David, my 4 yo stayed home with Dad. I'd love to have my whole family go to what should be an activity for the whole family, but I do need to get something out of being there without chasing and controling a preschooler. I found the evening to be enjoyable.

The Cantor led a special Tot Shabbat on Saturday morning at 9 before the regularly scheduled service. Tot Shabbot is for David. Its kind of like Kindermusic but with all Jewish songs appropriate for the season and holidays. David refuses to sing the songs. He's a little shy and a little unsocialized (you, know the homeschool-thing ;)).

The song is:
I got the Shabbat feeling in my head...
I got the Shabbat feeling in my ears..
I go the Shabbat feeling in my eyes...

The verse changes to learn parts of the body said in Hebrew.

Finally Scott chimes in quietly...

I go the Shabbat feeling in my Butt.... (this is a real proud moment for me--not)

David loved this verse and finally sings it as loud as he can.

I am the mother of boys and this is reality. They feed off of each other and find a lot of humor in toilet talk. At least they learned the song.

We made it through Tot Shabbat without being kicked out and I decided to stay for the regular service with the guest Cantor with all 3 of the boys!

I sat next to a dad with several kids. He only brought one daughter this morning. His youngest son, who is also named David (the same age as my David) drowned a few months ago. My heart aches. When I saw the other David and his mom and siblings, even though I didn't verbalize it, I felt unity having all our young kids in service amongst elders. (Mine of course, are much, much more noisy).

Back to this morning. Mine lasted an unusually long time behaving and being quiet. Finally the restlessness became noise. Heads turn, the sh, sh, shing begins from the seniors. One even said to Scott to be quiet.

I wish she would come directly to me. This would be my reply:

I would give ANYTHING to have the TWO Davids laughing and running and even SCREAMING during service. Children's noise is music to my ears. I can't imagine the pain the other David's mother feels. I am crying as I write this. I wonder if anyone else in the Temple is grateful that us mothers of young restless boys bring them and if the seniors who want a QUIET temple really want a quiet Temple.


Wife to the Rockstar said...

What a beautiful post. I cannot agree more.

crispy said...

We never have any idea what someone is going through and our world is so fast to judge. I bet your heart just ached for that family.

What a great post and a beautiful reminder.

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