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Friday, March 14, 2008

Dear Bernadette,

The author of the book is called the author
The editor is called my editor
The cover designer is my cover designer
The one who writes the foreword is my foreword _________...

...there is no special name for the foreword writer. There should be.

When I first thought about who should write the foreword for Permission to Mother, I was on the wrong track and thinking about finding someone internationally known in the field.

My editor suggested asking an *interesting* mother, like one with 12 kids born at home and actively involved with natural mothering movement.

How obvious! But even more importantly when my books story includes a culmination of our friendship, spirit, and camaraderie, it became clearer to ask you. It's great to have an editor to offer a fresh perspective after being lost in the endless "what's-next tasks." You're so busy I would have never bothered you, if it wasn't for her push.

I can imagine it's no easy task to be put on the spot and write a foreword for a book that is only available on computer screen (at that point in time and still going through revisions). I was so grateful and appreciative to receive and read that foreword. I feel like it completed my book.

This is how I autographed your personal copy of Permission to Mother:

Dear Bernadette,

Thanks for being there for Scott's birth and then through the years helping me process the events(good and bad), emotions, and feelings of all my pregnancies and birth and postpartum. Thanks for bringing your unyielding faith in birth to Scott's birth, sharing your belief in a hands-off birth with me, and believing that I can progress in labor without intervention.

Thank you for insisting that I put my stories in writing, despite my initial resistance to not want to. Thanks for your confidence in my writing skills before I had confidence in my abilities.

You were the mother of 10/doula and I was the not-very-confident pregnant mom of 1/physician. Now, you have 12 and I have 3, you're also an RN and I became an IBCLC. I've enjoyed working on our mutual goals through all the writing, editing, and photography. Thank you for writing a beautiful and perfect foreword for my book. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Love always,


PS If I find a photo of us from Scott's birth it's going here* Well, I found one.
There's me, compliant in a hospital bed after a birth with Scott and my doula. I usually don't have issues with how I look in photos, but I do have issues with this photo of me.

I felt much, much better than I looked!

PSS I am also impressed that your church has an option for for a "cloth diaper" shower to replace a disposable diaper shower. This I learned today.


Lauren said...

What a beautiful letter!

gentledoula said...

Thank you, Denise. Friendship is the joining of two spirits, who share hopes, dreams, emotions, and ideas. It causes us to hold each other accountable to who we are designed to be. Friendship brings encouragement in difficult times and makes one always wish the best for the other all the time. Thank you for being my friend.

Allana Martian said...

I love this post! Bernadette is a wonderful lady, I agree! I can't wait to read your book and also, what Bernadette wrote.

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