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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to spell Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding, breastfed, etc... is all one word. You see me close it, but your spell check separates it. That's probably confusing. Professionals in the field close the space and if you want to look authoritative, it's best to close it, too.

At first the spelling confused me, too. I do believe that one day soon, "breastfeed" will be added to the dictionary, especially as more people use the word.

When I am being published, I have to specify to the editor to keep the space closed. I often look at articles in the paper about breastfeeding. If the space is present, it makes me think twice if the author is someone in the field or just a journalist. I put less weight on the article when I see the space.

On the same note, I close the space on these words: homeschool, homebirth, postpartum, breastmilk. My spell checker does not like me.


Formula For Orphans said...

Thanks!!!! I've been wondering about that...

Allana Martian said...

My spell checker doesn't like me either! We should start a club. Homeschool vs home school has been debated before. I'll side with you!

Nikki said...

I was wondering about that as well...


Anonymous said...

You know. I was spelling homeschooling together, then I took the advice of my spell checker. I will now be going back to one solid word. Pffft to spellcheckers!

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