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Monday, March 31, 2008

March Blog Summary

Here is my end of the month summary of posts and some updates:

Grandpa Update
A Tribute to Grandpa
Jewish Mourning
Grandpa is having a Military Memorial coming up next week. I need to come up with an inscription for the plaque.

Family Practice Board Recertification
Bipolar, Breastfeeding, and Board Exam
I have not studied much for the board exam. But I find I am using a lot of mental energy thinking about it. I have not addressed my sons bedwetting (posted in February) at all. I think you're suppose to be a "stable" household to approach bedwetting treatment. William is plugging along and doing well in his Language Arts and Science classes at Florida Virtual School. I need to stay disciplined to keep him on goal. Some of the extra-curricular activities (karate and Hebrew) have been cancelled this week for public school spring break and my evenings are really grateful to have a breather. Scott is making big strides in reading. We are using Hooked on Phonics that I purchased 10 years ago.

Conference Exhibit for Permission to Mother
Local Moms Save the Date!
I need to place an order for books to bring to the conference. I ordered and recieved some posters, postcards, business cards to use. I am so thankful my mother and fitncrafty sister volunteered to make a display board for to use at these activities. A big load off my mind! I have one more activity possibly in October and then I can call it a full schedule.

Order of the Published Posts
I have learned a lot about blogging this month, I set up google reader. I finally figured out that.

Dear Bernadette,
The Rest of the Photos From Scott's Birth
Children's Noise is Music to my EARS
Natural Alternatives to Tampons and Pads I learned how to bump my posts!
Formula for Orphans I am so glad to see the birth of this Foundation!
skin-to-skin vs. bottle propping
How to spell Breastfeeding? Note-- Bedwetting is one word.
Another reason to have a midwife...

Permission to Mother Distribution

I am appreciative that I have a flexible "job" and still can come home at lunch to see the boys, although they usually don't care if I come home or not during the day. I'm appreciative that I have a "job" doing what I love and it allows time for all this extra-curricular activities, not to mention book activities.

On top of it all, I am still maintaining my sugar-free. It's been 6 months. With a schedule like that, you'd think I'd need a ton of sugar. The only sugar I may have been exposed to is inhaling the "fumes" when I open a gatorade powdered mix to make for the boys or a contaminated knife goes through my food. (ei, sugar is not banned from my house, only my body. I do my best to avoid the knives, wipe the counter well, etc...)

I have one question remaining in my mind. When am I going to take a vacation? Or just a little break. That board exam really dents my summer. I am blaming it all on that exam.

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