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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Rest of the Photos From Scott's Birth

Since I was digging out photos from birth #2 for the post below, I thought I'd scan the rest of my "birth" photos.... and as you see there are no labor and birth photos. Remember, I still had PTSD prior to this birth. Although my photography was improving in other areas and my sister was available to take photos, I thought to myself, "I do not NEED photos of myself with an IV, monitors, strap down, barfing, and near dead." I did not think labor could be a beautiful event, so there was no need to have photos of my labor and birth to reinforce negative memories.

I wanted birth to be different, but I could not really imagine that I would be able to labor any other way. And as it turned out, I stayed home to labor and never had had anything strapped on me, I didn't barf, I stayed in my own clothes, and I stayed in control.

In retrospect, my labor was worth photographing. I'd have my good memories in photographs and also then you would have my images to see how my doula helped me stay focused and in control and not just my little stories.
It's amazing the difference one birth can have on you. My sister and I both had SLR cameras, why did I just have the Polaroid loaded?????????????? I love seeing how William gazes at Scott. I hate seeing myself in a hospital gown. I hate the feeling of how unempowering wearing a hospital gown for birth is. I hate that my son was on this warming table and not in MY arms.

My next birth had about 4 cameras!


I haven't forgotten the vaccine posts. I have outlines and notes almost ready to go. I just don't find vaccines as interesting as birth and breastfeeding. If I have anything about birth and breastfeeding to say, it's always going to come first.

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