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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Follow up on my ALCAT blood test

It's been 9 months since I took my food sensitivity test and made significant changes in my diet. I had my blood drawn this morning because I'd like to retest for all the foods (and also for the new foods I eat, but wasn't tested on before) and hopefully I will see less inflammation. I am real curious about the results. I feel better, but I'd like to see it in print, too. I'd like to see if elimination can cure sensitivities. If I don't need to emphasize total elimination for sugar I'd like to know. If there is something else I should put more focus on, I'd like to know that also.

I also am checking my Lipids and HgA1C. I have never had a cholesterol problem. I checked it 9 months ago also, but I am thinking with my diet, my cholesterol would even be better. Without cane sugar in my diet and eating low glycemic foods, you would think my HgA1C would be zero.

Over the past months, I have eliminated cane sugar, msg, carob, codfish, coffee, cranberry, lobster, garlic, clam, codfish, goat's milk, salmon, olive, cocoa, sulfites, colored dyes, saccharine, aspartame, flouride, almond, celery and a few other things. I have reintroduced some of this after the appropriate time.

My test suggested I should do shorter elimination for baker's yeast, brewer's yeast, banana, cow's milk, crab, peanuts, pear, tuna. But I didn't. I cut back on some of this, but I can't say I eliminated it for 2 months straight. Still, I think I should show less inflammation. Hopefully not more!

I have not eaten out. Maybe less than 3-4 times. I prepare almost all my own foods or scrutinize the recipes of who is doing the cooking. I read all labels before putting it in my mouth. I have not had grocery store isle bread, candy, ice cream. I use a bread machine and make honey bread. I get most of my flour from a friend who grinds it from the grain. I use fresh herbs, my cuisine art ice cream maker (to make frozen yogurt), use fresh produce. I make lots of shakes.

I tested safe for soy and whey and added tofu and whey protein to my diet. This resulted in less poultry. I never did eat red meat.

I reduced my dairy by not drinking cow's milk and get sugar-free soy and rice milk instead. I replaced butter with oils on my safe list whenever possible.

Do I miss sweets like Breyer's Mint Chocolate ice cream and Devil Dogs? Actually not really. I feel good being in control. I like the taste of real food. I am looking forward to knowing what the next step to improving my diet will be. I will know in just a few days. :) :)

More info about alcat.

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