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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Links in the comments??

In my post below the commenter made a hyperlink to her site. How do you do that? The only other times I have seen links is in spammy type of comments. The comment is suspect, too. Never heard of her. I'd like to think she really cares about bf. Time will tell.

I know HTML. Perhaps I should try to leave a comment with a link. I actually think I tried before and it didn't work. Probably need to be a hacker-type to do it. My almost-teens probably know how. :)

Regular readers, tell me what you know.


Danibee said...

Yes, unfortunately, you need to use HTML to insert a link.

Testing a HTML tag

< A HREF="">Testing a HTML tag < / A> ... but without the spaces :)

Permission to Mother said...


Permission to Mother said...


Danibee said...

Your welcome! Now you can't give your tween the satisfaction of knowing something his mama doesn't. Sorry.

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