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Monday, April 14, 2008

Motherhood and Exercise

My mother and sister have been attending Zumba (aerobics) classes. They tell me how much fun it is. Since I am unable to show up at a particular time for class, I decided to buy the DVD set and use it with my family (we are enough people to make a class) at home.

Anyways, the DVD arrived before I left for the weekend. I packed it. On Sunday morning, me, my mother and her exercise friend try it out. They have been attending classes, but never had the chance to do the beginner steps in the privacy of home and they really enjoyed the slow pace of learning. I liked it, too. The guide says, "10 days of Zumba, to a lower dress size!" Wow, just 10 days! I am doing this.

Tonight, I am excited to take it out and Zumba with the boys. William sets up the TV & DVD for me ( I never watch TV and I don't know how to use it.) We turn the DVD on. Guess what? David starts crying and throwing a fit. I can't hear the music or directions. So much for THE lower dress size.

Scott spouts out, " I heard you and dad used to be athletes and now you are a little old fat couple in a little old house with so many kids you don't know what to do." He's rolling on the floor laughing at his humor.

I told him how I ONCE belonged to Martin Memorial Wellness center when he was a baby. I told him how I loved the spinning classes. "Guess what happened, Scott?" I put you in the nursery, got warmed up and you would throw a fit and cry. Just like DAVID is. The sitters called me out of class, nearly everytime. I continued to explain that's how athletes turn into fat oldies after kids. He couldn't believe HE did that.

Before kids, I loved weight lifting (believe it or not). One of John's funniest stories. He was spotting me on the incline bench press. I was wearing a bra top (if you can believe that, too). Looking down my top, he says, "The view around here is really nice." I guess he expected me to blush and get up. I told him, "To enjoy the view" and kept on pressing.

Brag alert- I was able to bench press the bar with the big 45 pound dumb bells on both sides-that's 135 pounds. It took me a year to work up to it. Then I met John. Downhill started. Then I had William who cried in the nursery at the gym and then Scott cried in the nursery and by the time David came along, I resigned to walking if I did anything at all.

That's my story on motherhood and exercise....


Lauren said...

I enjoyed reading this story, Denise! Scott sounds like he's quite the little ham. :)

Danibee said...

This post is so funny! I'm struggling with the same thing now - the kids give me NO time to exercize. I have a new DVD sitting in my bedroom that I haven't been able to do either. Guess they figure if we get skinnier, their food supply will dwindle! :)

pearly1979 said...
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Jen said...

I too used to enjoy the gym etc but not so much these days. My guy is WAY too attached to mama to let me out of sight for even a few seconds! But I have found carrying around a 23lb toddler on my back everywhere I go has been the best exercise yet!
p.s. denise... I meant to tell you last time i saw you that you are looking GREAT! whatever your doing (excercise or not) is working well for you. I am sure it is the healthy eating and positive attitude ;) it does go a long way! ;)

Permission to Mother said...

As I was reading your comments, which I appreciate so much, I was also remembered how I had cute "little" supportive bras before I was pregnant with William. I stopped running when I was about 17 weeks with him. Everything was bouncing. After the pregnancy my bra size became a 38 double Z. As much as I'd love to try running again, its hard to find double Z running bras.

I'm exhausted tonight.

Zumba (just 10 days) or sleep?

The winner is... I've got to do Hoooked on Phonics with Scott, now.

Ten days can start tomorrow.....

crispy said...

This was a great post. So many of us can relate. I remember getting my kids all ready for the gym and also walking through the neighborhood with them in a double jogging stroller listening to them cry and fuss. Ugh...maybe we can't do it all. =)

pearly1979 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Permission to Mother said...

I like Playtex underwire alternative b/c I can do it one handed.

Medela soft cup is good support and a little prettier.

Medela comfort for around the house.

Glamourmom tops around the house, sleep and year round and for layering. I was glad to find them and that I could take a real bra off and still feel supported.

turtlewomyn said...

I LOVE Zumba. We joined a gym last year because they had Zumba classes (and the best child care of any gym in town). Savannah does great at the "playcare" as they call it, diaper changes/potty assistance were the only things that stopped me. Of course, I get busy and don't go as much, I haven't been in a month or two.
I also try to run in the mornings by getting up at 5am, but we have had a run of early rising, so I haven't been able to sneak out. I am really trying to get into a regular exercise routine before I get pregnant again, and it isn't working! I may have to settle for our family walks around the neighborhood as being my exercise.

Permission to Mother said...

I've done a tiny bit a Zumba this week. Maybe its a good thing I didn't have the opportunity to go all out....I am so aching sore....

Thanks everyone for being faithful blog readers.

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