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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Packed Week

Basically I do the same thing over and over. I mother, I work, I eat, I sleep, I write about what I do. I hardly go out-of-town. I am in my office during hours and with my kids after hours.

Tomorrow I am heading south for the afternoon for Grandfather's Military Memorial. Seeing cousins that I rarely see. I hardly go to a funeral. Taking my kids since it is outdoors and they can be as involved or uninvolved as desired. I think they'll like the 21 gun salute.

Then I am out of the office Friday afternoon (twice in one week!), to drive to conference, my favorite lactation conference Friday evening and Saturday: attending and exhibiting. I am lucky to have the help of my mother and sister. They put together a display board many of the 5 star reviews posted to amazon and some pertinent blog posts.

I am not taking my kids or dear John. I've never left breastfeeding David for the night. I won't be there in the morning. It's been over 5 years that I left Scott and William for the night. (Get over it Denise, they are 11, 9, 4. They'll be ok. The older are actually looking foward to a weekend of xbox and junk food and NOOOO nagging). I have a chance to stay two nights. Should I? I am not to worried about leaving John.

All this takes an enormous amount of planning. Who is going to take the kids to Hebrew School this Sunday? They will miss Friday. I declared a pace break from William's on line school. When you go out of town (or do anything different) you suddenly realize you have no clothes for the occasion. We sure get used to the same thing when we are in a rut. I've had to make time for dress shopping. I really don't like shopping that much, believe it or not.

Its been several months since I have eaten food not prepared in my own house. I am trying to think what I am going to eat for the weekend, what I might bring with me and what MIGHT they offer as part of the conference packet.

In all this I do think about /try to get in some exercise.... and I've got a little board review studying in. That's all........


pearly1979 said...

That's a lot to think about! I hope it all goes well and getting away a bit feels good. :)

Allana Martian said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading about all the stuff you have going on! Think I'll take a nap.

crispy said...

Enjoy and have a great time. (I hate to leave my kids too). Is it harder for the mom or the kids to leave?

Munch75 said...

I'm just now reading this ... glad your family was able to make it to your grandpa's memorial, how special. :) It's meaning even more to me today.

And you're totally right ... I know as a new mom, I'm in a rut, and I'm loving it! :) Although now I have to find clothes too ... eeks.

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