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Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Blast at LLL of TC Spring Sling Fling

I had a lot of fun at La Leche League of Treasure Coast's Spring Sling Fling. As you can see I took many photos. The two posts following this post are also from today.

These were the models in the sling fashion show.

All these ladies are correctly wearing their carriers.

Lauren is the MC.

The girls modeled correct doll-wearing.

This is a Maya Wrap, a type of ring sling.

Luke is in a Mei Tai on the back.

He's always suspicious of me taking him away.

Don't worry Jen... One day you won't be

able to pull him away from myspace and xbox.
You sweet babies, will probably be hooking up with Luke on the internet games.

Gerrie shows how to carry a toddler on the back in a ring sling.

Notice how much the baby's hips are flexed. The knees are higher than the butt. The fabric is pulled to her shoulders and the fabric is evenly distributed over mom's shoulders. I could carry David like this when he was 2 1/2!

Kerry shows a hip hold in a Maya Wrap.

This pink pouch is worn corectly!

Luke is up front in the same Mei Tai. Alex in a structured carrier made for young babies.

Pam shows off the protective head covering on the ergo. The ergo can be worn for a few years, front or back.
There's me. My babies are too big to carry. My arms feel empty.
Lisa shows how you can take a simple piece of cloth and carry a child.
Pam won my book, Permission to Mother that I donated as one of the door prizes.

Michelle with another ring sling.
Lisa shows how to hold Ruth in a towel. Yes, that's a beach towel.
Lydia, your not too big for a beach towel...

Peoines ring sling. I love how much you can do with a ring sling.
Regena models with Ruby.

Judy and Me. Judy gets honorable mention for coming from

the most furthest South.. Palm Beach County. I love that she brought her young friend who learned a lot about mothering without bottles and strollers!

If you missed this event there is still plenty of opportunity to learn how to wear your baby.

Come by the office.

Go to your LLL meeting near you.

Or view this video which shows 2 1/2 hours of professionally

made videos on all these types of carriers.


pearly1979 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becky R said...

so cool. makes me want another baby to sling around (mine are 10 & almost 5) -Becky R

Danette said...

I am so perturbed that I missed this, but family came first this past weekend, and I am enjoying reading the blogs on this event.

I look forward to the next type of health fair/expo that I can participate. Lucky girls you!

Munch75 said...

What a great event! We had such a good time visiting with mommies and babies! :) AND I got a sling, (go me!). I wore it shopping yesterday for over 5 hours straight, much more comfy than the carrier I had. So many smiles from strangers throughout the day too. Was neat. :)

Misty said...

The pictures are great!! I wish I could have made wonderful husband said with confidence "There will be another one! :-)"

Lauren said...

Awesome pictures, Denise! It was so great to see you again and thanks for introducing me to some of the mamas that I hadn't met. :)

Permission to Mother said...

I'm glad that some of you who couldn't be there could enjoy the photos.
Sarah... ooh a fleece. Regena (and probably Misty) make slings of the most breathable fabric here in hot sunny Florida.

I really wasn't good at wearing a newborn. I look back at the photos and see me with the wrong size sling, rings in the wrong place. I knew it wasn't correct, but didn't have the support immediately around me. I got good at newborns by working in my own office and teaching it. Then I watched the DVD and it really sharpened my skills.

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