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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just Moved... Looking for a New Doctor

This question was e-mailed to me with subtle details edited for privacy. It is representative of inquiries I receive:

My husband, boys and I just moved to the area. Previously, we have been in California where the Sears, Dr. Bob specifically, has been our pediatrician and I had a wonderful certified nurse midwife. Currently, I am half way through pregnancy and I'm searching for a midwife/ob in the PGA area. I didn't know if you might know of someone that respects attachment parenting, allows the entire family to be involved in most of the birth process -- routine prenatal visits, up at the hospital, etc. Also, if we choose to drive to you for our children, are the on call pediatricians supportive of early check out from the hospital if everyone is healthy and do they push the Hep. B vaccine while in the hospital? Thank you for your time.

My reply:

After office hours, I take my own telephone calls (but I prefer e-mail with a phone number and I'll call back ). My husband shares call with Internist (18 and older). I don't expect or want them to handle calls for my breastfeeding clientele.

I don't go to the hospital. My husband handles admissions for 18 and older. I have formal pediatric back-up at Martin Memorial. Fortunately I have a small but healthy out patient practice and NEVER need them. The few children who have needed hospitalization were for trauma (burns and motor vehicle accidents) or congenital problems and were flighted out and didn't use local hospital resources (in other words my not providing hospital coverage didn't make a difference).

Other reasons accounting for no hospital admission in my pediatric practice:

1. Some come to me just for the breastfeeding and see a local pediatrician for well-child care (in these cases I don't know how many eventually need hospital admission).

2. Of the families who stick with me for well-child care, they tend to have very healthy life styles. Breastfeed indefinitely(!), making healthy and nutritious food choices, minimal to no second hand smoke exposure, minimal day care, and moms wear their babies. Many have put thought into their birth and start off with good bonding and minimal interruption. This is a selective group in our area. It keeps my pediatric practice size small and manageable. I can accommodate an office visit with-in 24 hours of a phone call or e-mail and hopefully the same day if you contact early enough.

3. Some families select themselves out. There a few local pediatric groups that provide long clinic hours on weekends. I am generally available by phone on weekends (and have occasionally gone in). So for some families having long office hours(being seen by someone, not necessarily the same provider) is more important than the personalized care and appreciation of attachment parenting...

I don't know the doctors South of here and I don't know anyone who practices like I do. I'd love to meet you if you would like to come in for a "prenatal" and make referral to an area midwife. I prefer that mom establishes a chart while she is pregnant when I will have a newborn coming in. I provide better care when I get to meet the family before the baby is born. I work closely with the homebirth midwives and I doubt you will find what you are looking for at the hospital. (I don't think its a big deal to decline the newborn Hep B in this area.)

Thanks for making contact,

1 comment:

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I have yet to find anyone (including in other states I live) who practices like you do. I so appreciate the care you give. I have reccommended you to others as well.

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