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Saturday, October 18, 2008

So, who is going to this conference?

So who is going? They inform me that 55 are signed up for my session.
Mary, Lauren, Jen, Pam, Christy, Lisa? Who else?

La Leche League
Oct 23-26, 2008
at the beautiful Daytona Oceanfront Resort in Florida

Positive Parenting: A Timely Treasure October 23-26 Guest speakers include: Dr. Robert Sears, Naomi Drew, Jim Weiss, Diane Weisssinger, Rae Davies, Dr. Denise Punger and Dr. Carolina Ceron

My Saturday afternoon session is

Birth and breastfeeding can be two of the most empowering experiences of a woman's life. Discuss how our experiences impact our ability to fulfill our roles as mothers and ways to ensure your Permission to Mother.

Sunday morning Breakfast Buffet with Book Signing. Meet and greet authors Naomi Drew, Denise Punger, Bob Sears, Jim Weiss and Diane Wiessinger.

Conference registration is:


pearly1979 said...
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Lauren said...

I sent my registration in today. It was so very hard to choose the classes. Do I take the CERP classes to learn more about bf or do I take the parenting classes? Arrgh! I went with the parenting classes. I'll catch up with those who took the CERP classes to find out what they learned.

Permission to Mother said...


I am so glad you will be going, too! I imagine you (and me) will learn a lot of about bf in the parenting classes and by hanging out.

Jen said...

Well I was going to ask if this was open to anyone because I would really like to attend as well. I actually have a friend who lives in Daytona who I was going to see if I could stay with which will make it easy. I guess I should register soon as classes fill up quickly?

Permission to Mother said...

Good Question--it is open to anyone!

Lauren said...

Denise- Looking forward to seeing you and your crew there!

Jen- I would register ASAP to guarantee a spot in the classes that you want to take. Dr. Sears and Punger will be there and you KNOW their classes are going to fill up quickly. I opted to get a room rather than stay with my Dad in New Smyrna Beach. Should you need to use my room during the day while you're there, you are welcome to it!

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

I really wanted to go, even though I'm not bf now, I want to try again with the next baby.

But I'm doing the Martin County Half Marathon on Sunday with our training group (as a training run), so I didn't have a choice.

I can't wait to hear about the conference at the next LLL meeting!

And kudos for having so many people already signed up, way cool!

fitncrafty said...

Awesome you have so many signed up for your session!
You will be great, I know it!!!!

Lauren said...

Christy, I'm leading the discussion at the LLL Enrichment meeting on the Monday, October 27th, which is the day after we get back from the conference. We'll be talking about what we learned. Wanna come? It's in the evening after work...

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I wish I could go........

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