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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recycling around the House

I'll continue where I left off before I took a blog holiday before Mother's Day weekend....

I've been trying to make a more concerted effort to recycle. I definitely notice a big difference in the amount of garbage. It took a long time for the city to provide us with recycling bins (they were back ordered......) and the never provided information on what gets recycled, so I am still learning.

Newspaper goes to the Hebrew School; it supports the children's school. I never understood if magazines can go in this bin or curbside?

Aluminum cans we will give to someone if we know an individual who turns them in for money.

I tend to hang on to glass and plastic jars a bit to see if I can think of another use for them. Storing nuts, coins, etc... When they accumulate or I have to many they go to the curb. I'd like to be better about refilling my water bottles. It's just to handy to by bottle watered.

I am using cloth tote bags for groceries and shopping. At first I'd have a hard time remembering to grab them from my car and go in the store with them, but I remember every time now. It is SOOOO much nicer than having a million plastic bags to deal within the house. It's easier to carry the groceries in the house with a shoulder strap. I like the cloth bags from the grocery store. You can seem them at I've also keep several canvas bags and other odd bags I've collected to serve different needs when I am out. What plastic bags do accumulate from husband or guests shopping, I take back to the recycling bin at the grocery store.

Another problem, I have with recycling is that the recycling truck comes after the garbage truck. Sometimes the garbage truck hauls off recycling. Then as a result, I have to take out garbage and listen out for the truck and get the recycling out... can't do it all at once. See sometimes our recycling is so much, I'll use a bin or cardboard crate and the garbage truck thinks the contents are for them.

What else can be recycled in the house?
I have more to say, so I'll be back for part 2...


crispy said...

Once you start thinking about it, SOOOO much can be recycled or reused.

-any plastic container that come from the bakery, or cookie holders inside packaged cookies.

-some bagged salad kits

-foam that meats/veggies come on from the grocery store

-a lot of plastic packaging for just about any product form the store (toys, new razor container...any of that molded plastic)


-waxed bags from cereal or crackers

-those red party cups (I wash mine out and use them again)

-boxes that large items come in (bulk ones) I use again to pack in or store things in

-those plastic zipper bags that new curtains and new sheets come in (I use to sort toys, or have and extra change of clothes in the car for kids)


-anything organic!!! yard clippings, coffee grinds (including the filter), tea bags, egg shells, all of my veggie and fruit scraps (that don't go to feed the bunny)

With all of that, we really cut down on our garbage. I know you can compost some of your paper too. Just shred it and toss it in.

Hope the ideas help your readers.

-Cris (going greener than I ever thought I would)

Lauren said...

When I purchased my bins at Waste Pro, I picked up a list of all the stuff that can be recycled. In my green bin, I recycle my paperboard boxes. That means I break down all my cereal, granola bar, pasta, tissue, etc. boxes. I even recycle the packaging that Ruby's toys come in. Oh, papertowel & toilet paper rolls. Magazines, catalogs, and phone books can be recycled in that bin also. You can break down cardboard boxes and fit them in the green bin.

In the blue bin, I recycle rigid plastic containers- anything from strawberry containers to shampoo containers to Rx bottles. Basically anything with a recycle triangle on the bottom. Tin pie plates can be recycled. Naturally glass, tin and aluminum. You can recycle aluminum foil in that bin, too.

Perhaps you can call Waste Pro and ask for more bins? Since you live in the city and pay the taxes for recycling, they will most likely give you bins for free.

Danette said...

Finally you ar eon the band wagon(sorry, I didnt know you did not recycle). We in our house recycle as much as we possibly can. We carry many totes in my car at all times. And once and a while we goof, but then recycle the plastic bags we do indeed use.

My daughter is valiant, almost to a fault. She bugs everyone about recyling. It annoys some adults, but I am proud if her, she is on a cause, and not bad for a 14 year old. Remember, this was the same child who became a vegetarian at the age of 8 for animal rights.

My theory behind recycling and many other things that will, in no doubt help the planet, is that I do not want my grandchildren to come to me and ask, "Grandma, what did you do to help out our planet?" I will be able to proudly tout what I have done in my lifetime.

Keep up the good work woman!

Permission to Mother said...

I've always recycled to some extent, but now defining and re-defining it. It sure helps having someone passionate and motivated in the house to help. I can barely get anyone else to flush a toilet. (Yes, I flushed both toilets when I came home today.) I don't see that I'll get much help with this at home... there is only so much one can do in 24 hours... maybe they'll catch on.

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