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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scott's Long Sleeves in Summer

Why does Scott wear long sleeves in Summer?
A. Because he has a rash to hide.
B. Because he has sensitivy issues.
C. Because I make him dress this way.
D. Because it's his personal choice.

Scott wears long sleeves and pants year round because it's his personal choice. He doesn't NOT have a skin problem. He does NOT have sensory issues. He likes the layered look and a collar with bottons closed up to the neck. If he is comfortable like this, I don't have to worry about covering him in sunscreen. He swims in a surf suit.

When we moved to Georgia (from Florida) when he was three, he wore shorts. It averaged 40 degrees in winter and he would not put on pants ( I had to be careful when we went out). One Winter night I took him and William to Kindermusic. Scott took his close off in the car and cried and insisted he wasn't getting dressed. I wrapped him (naked underneath) in my heavy coat and brought him inside. Finally in Spring, I got him to put on pants and sleeves and he never took them off.


Danette said...

Gee whiz. Since I am hotter now than I used to be (got to love the change) I would burn up in a second with that outfit on.

But to each his own. At least he is not pulling up his pants with one hand as his boxers are being shown to the world.

If this is his thing then so be it. He is definitely looking fashionable.

Danibee said...

I think it's great he's showing his individuality!

Lauren said...

Lookin' good, Scott! I like the layered look, too! Before I had Ruby and started nursing, I would wear long sleeved tees under short sleeves in the winter.

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