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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tammy O. wearing a Duo

Tammy, one of our local midwives, is in so many many great photos,
I decided that this post is about her!
I couldn't resist this cute little baby butt.

Tammy is known for her versatility in handling these boys
who are very close in age. She came to this event to help other moms learn how to do this. This is a great way to "do twins." Here the baby is in the front and the older one is in the back. She crisscrosses the slings. She says she carries them on opposite hips and the older one in front.

There is Tammy hanging out with homebirth moms, Gerrie and Karen.
Yes, you can breastfeed in a sling (can you tell). The older one is still hanging out on her back even though you can't see him here.

Up close.

Her baby is socializing with Ava on the right and Matthew who is on her back made a friend, too

Now... here is the baby on her back. There is Regena with Ruby in a sling and Bernadette. Regena and Bernadette also make slings. Bernadette carries her babies in a sling. Regena's babies are grown up, so she is borrowing Ruby. :)

Tammy, how do you do it?

This last photo tells her secret. Here she is!

How I wish, I had a helper--a big sister-- when William was born!

Wear your baby everyday and you'll be a pro in no time!


Jen said...

I thought one of the funnest parts of the Sling Fling was seeing and meeting people I had only heard/read about / seen in pictures (Tammy, Bernadette, etc). I was wondering, do these women have websites regarding their midwife/doula services? It was also nice seeing Regena out from behind the counter and in her sling element!
The company today was amazing. I think LLL needs more special gatherings such as this one to bring all the wonderful women and role models in attendance out together in one place more often!!!

Brianisarockstar said...

Thanks for posting this. I haven't seen Tammy's boys yet! She was my midwife for Lulu. I miss her!!!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

That last post was from me... not the rockstar. HEHE. You do not need to post it.

Tammy looks amazing. I miss her!! She delivered Lulu as you know!

Permission to Mother said...

Jen, I love that "my mentors" were able to meet "my moms!"

Midwives and doula availablity change monthly for many reasons (including small babies of their own). It's great to plan ahead and know who is in the area and make some connections.

Tammy has a website, but since she is on a maternity sabbatical, I can't access it. I checked with her before posting because I would love to share it. Tammy has been posting to the LLL group.

Mother to Mother is the best source of Bernadette's and Regena's doula "info." They have a website

I've actually been in the last one in the website to update it (as you will be able to tell).

If I have any extra copies of M2M that you haven't read, I'd be happy to share them.

I will make sure they know that you have inquired incase I missed something.

I'm excited that you are thinking ahead.


Misty said...

Wow! I have never been brave enough to try the back carry with an infant, the Guatemalans make it look easy though! I guess I need lessons from Tammy!

Lauren said...

Tammy blew me away with her babywearing abilities! Simply amazing!!!

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