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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Welcome to Our Practice

This is a letter I sent out to my mailing list 2 weeks before opening our practice four years ago.

Dear Friends and all, June 15, 2004

I can’t believe John and I are so close to opening our Family Medicine Office. It was about two years ago, and in some ways seems like yesterday, that John and I announced that we were leaving the Treasure Coast area. As everyone knows, that decision to leave secure employment with Martin Memorial, our house, and our community we call home was a tough one. We left with a sense of adventure to overcome our sadness [of leaving] and hopes that in the future we would find the opportunity to come back to the area doing our own thing.

We have gained on our “sabbatical.” I have enjoyed the freedom of staying at home with the boys without having to report to a boss. I have enjoyed the mountains, new friendships and reunions with friends from college, and new perspective. We bring a third son back to Florida with us. John watched David Stuart crawling around and destroying all our piles of papers yesterday. John says, “Why did YOU have to have an infant just as we were starting a business?” I was amused, “John, that infant, with those feet always one step ahead made you a name around here. He and our three boys are our reputation.” I don’t know if men get it. As a mother I certainly feel my identity through my children. They are a part of us, our plans, and our life. The boys are a reason to pursue our goals.

Our practice is an independent practice. We have started it from scratch. Early November [2003] we planned a trip down to the Treasure Coast [driving from Rome, Georgia] to meet with the CEO’s at the hospitals in Saint Lucie County and a few other physicians. The night before our drive which was two days before our meeting at Lawnwood I injured my left ankle resulting in a painful, non-weight bearing injury. Nothing could stop my determination to get down to Florida. I was supposed to be packing the evening of the injury. After I got a splint and crutches at the “medicenter,” I directed my oldest son William to get the suitcases and pack while I sat with my leg elevated. I belonged in therapy. (And actually thought about going to Treasure Coast Orthopedics and Rehab while down here, but I didn’t have much time.) I went to all our meetings with area hospital CEOs on crutches or a wheel chair [requesting handicap accommodations] and a nursing seven-week-old. It was very humbling to need so much help, while trying to leave a positive impact. [I must have been quite a sight.]

We chose our office location in regard to demonstrated community need. It is hard to imagine really that there are locations on the Treasure Coast not in need of primary care, but Lawnwood thought our 25th Street location in Ft. Pierce would be most successful and pointed us to that location. We drove back and forth several times from North Georgia to firm up details, buy another house, and get things going. From our computer and phone in Georgia we worked daily on other details of the office. No consulting firms. Sometimes we call it grass roots. We now know what family-owned and operated means. I give a lot of credit to John who has dealt with all the lawyers, accountants, and insurance representatives while I felt overwhelmed. We have a terrific office staff; for the most part hired long distance., They office staff has also aided us with paper work and encouragement.

Our homeschooled boys are good boys and learning as we go about all our activities. Our first weekend back in Florida, Scott got a sunburn on his shoulders. The next day he complained how much it hurt and wanted to know when it will go away. I explained that probably by the morning it will be gone and I put some cool moisturizer on it. When he woke up, his shoulders still burned. He complained, “Mom you’re a doctor, you should’ve known I would still hurt!”
Ready or not, here we come…


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