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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Board Exam Coming UP Soon

It's getting close to my upcoming board exam on August 1st. Studying for this test can kill a summer of weekends.

This is the schedule:

7:45-8:30 check in
8:30-8:50 Review of rules, enter validation code and other business
8:55-Section 1, 120 multiple choice questions
10:55-15 minute break
11:10-Rentry, validation code
11:15-Section 2, 45 question
12:00-section 3, 45 questions
12:50-75 minute break
2:05-Rentry, validation code
2:10-Section 4, 190 questions Total of 400 questions
5:20-Brief survey
5:30-can go home.

Sections 1 and 4 include all of Family Medicine
Section 2 and 3-- I choose two categories from these choices: Geriatrics, Emergency/Urgent Care, Ambulatory Family Medicine, Child and Adolescent Care, Women's Health, Maternity Care, Hospital Medicine, or Sports Medicine

I need to make hotel arrangements. Child care has been arranged. Not sure when we get results.


Lauren said...

What a grueling day! Have you chosen your two topics? Maternity Care and Women's Health?

fitncrafty said...

Remember the MCAT? That sounds exhausting for sure... I would like to know what topics you choose too? womens care and ????
I have total faith that you will do great! I know you will. I wont be studying for the boards, but I have a feeling, my summer weekends are going to be pretty full of studying too! I am with you!

Shannon said...

Best of luck. You'll do great!!!

Red said...

Best of luck. I don't care for tests, but they don't scare me off either.

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

I don't have to pick my two sections until the morning of the test. The reason they have sections is to allow for our individual interests and practice styles. I don't get any added qualifications for passing a certain section. No matter what two sections you pick, you get the same certification as someone who picks 2 totally different groups. Also, just because I don't pick Geriatrics (for example) doesn't mean I can't see Geriatrics in the office. Ihave quite a few over
80's I see in the office.

I need to pick the two section I think I can do well on. I have read through the Women's Health and Maternity. I find the questions inconsistent (sometimes non-intervention and sometimes highly procedural). I can't find their logic. I disagree with many of the questions/answers without figuring out what they are looking for. So I am probably not doing Women's Health or Maternity. It is not a breastfeeding test. There will be questions about breastfeeding and I am not sure I will agree with the answers.

I am inclined to do Child and Adolescent Care
( I love that it is not called "Pediatrics." Pediatricians aren't the only ones to take care of kids!)

I will probably do Ambulatory Family Care because that most closely describes (on their terms) what I have done for the past 13 years.

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